Hospital day two

Cutie fall outfit upon arrival

Day two at the hospital was ok. Madeleine was super fussy and sleeping horribly, so we tried extra anti-nausea and when that didn’t work, we tried some pain medicine. The pain meds finally did the trick and she passed out for 2 1/2 hours or so. Thank goodness!

I’m sure you’re thinking that I napped when that happened, but no. People kept coming in to ask/tell me things and then we got a roommate. That’s right. Another kid in our room. *****sigh***** I hate the double rooms on the SCCA floor. What a stupid set-up for a baby getting chemo. I also hate when they tell Β me there’s no other room for them to put this kid in when there were CLEARLY other empty spaces on the floor. Makes me crazy.

So, we took the option today to get the heck outta dodge and go home. With Madeleine not sleeping well and in turn us not sleeping well, we were not happy there.

What happened at the hospital today? She had her second round of chemo. She has been doing amazingly well and did not vomit at all, despite being told that she probably would. She is such a champ and I am so proud of her resilience.

We saw the rehab doctor this morning. He was concerned about her bladder and how much urine it was retaining, so he referred us to urology. What this could have meant, worst case, was that she’d need a catheter. For the rest of her life. Of course, I was panicking and upset and just before we checked out, the urology doctors arrived to talk to us. They also reviewed the ultrasound

Upset baby and daddy trying to cuddle her to happiness

and her CT scan from late July. The doctor basically told us that the bladder is a big muscle, so when it’s doing it’s job well, it is thick. When it’s not, the lining gets thin. He told us that her bladder muscle is thick!! He said he’s not concerned and thinks her bladder is performing just fine. OMGOSH thank goodness! He also said that she appears to be pretty constipated, which we knew, and said that can make it hard for her to fully void all of her urine. Ok. Good to know. So here I am, still grinning and simply ecstatic! Some good news today!! I had been worrying about that since last week when we met with the rehab doctor.

She also had her boot brace re-made by the physical therapist and we were given some additional exercises to keep her joints loose. Some of which I had already been doing for her, so we’ll just continue that.

After we saw urology, we went ahead and went home. Fed her some dinner (of which she’s eating like a bird compared to normal) and put her down for bed after medicine. We’ll be heading back to the hospital tomorrow morning for her 3rd dose of chemo and then we’ll be done until Monday.

"I'm ready to eat mom!!"

We saw Cori (Dr. Abicoff) on the SCCA floor as we were leaving, so we got to chat a little bit and I got to tell her about Madeleine’s strong bladder! We also heard from her regular pediatrician this morning. He called to check on me, since he gets updates on her 2-3 times a week. He said he’s seen the prognosis on her movement and that it doesn’t look good and wanted to see how I was doing with all off it. He is an amazing pediatrician and I thought that was just the sweetest thing for him to do.

So, overall a frustrating but also very successful visit. I am quite pleased with the news and am so happy tonight!! πŸ˜€



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2 responses to “Hospital day two

  1. grandma

    She is quite a little trooper-obviously takes after her parents! xo xo j

  2. Aspen

    I’m guessing the docs recommended lots of fiber for her constipation. πŸ˜› I know raspberries are ridiculously high in fiber and suspect blackberries are somewhat similar, and Tycho will shove them (cut in smaller pieces first) into his mouth as fast as he can pick them up. Messy, but fun. Maybe of use to you?

    Hurray on the good bladder news. πŸ™‚

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