Hospital stay number 3

So, here we are again. Back at the hospital for round 3 of chemo. I didn’t have time to update after our appointments this weekend/on Tuesday, so suffice to say that her numbers dipped on Monday and had recovered a little bit on Tuesday – no transfusion necessary! YAY!

Dr. Park laid out the plan for her chemo treatment this time. It is 3 days long. The first day she received 2 different types of chemo and then today and tomorrow she’ll just get one. This round is the most likely to make her sick, so  we’re at the hospital for now. However, if all is going well, they may send us home today and we’ll just do out-patient chemo tomorrow.

While we’re in the hospital, she is also having her bladder ultrasound checks done every 4 hours to see what her residual is. So far they’ve said that urine output is very good, but she does seem to be retaining some in there. We have yet to hear back from rehab about how her actual ultrasound looked and to find out what numbers are ok for a baby her size. Right now she’s anywhere from 60-ish ML’s to 110-ish ML. The really good news is that at least she’s peeing a lot, so we know she’s more than likely not getting backed up in there.

This morning at 9am, the physical therapist will come by to see her and will also fit  her with new leg brace boots. I’m glad for that since the ones she has were made in such a rush and the right leg doesn’t stay at quite the angle we’d like it to.

As for movement, I am seeing improvement in her legs every day, it seems! Her right leg now will straighten and bend repeatedly when she’s really excited or mad and her left is moving more and more. It sometimes straightens, but more often rotates at the hip up towards the ceiling. The most exciting thing happened yesterday though! The physical therapist told us that moving her leg along the same plain takes less strength than lifting it off the bed. So I’ve been waiting to see if she lifts it at all. Yesterday she straightened it and then lifted it about half an inch off the bed!! WOOHOO!!!!! Needless to say, I am thrilled. 😀

Chemo is going well so far. She is getting the advanced infant diet, which means she’s getting real food rather than the purees. She loves that, or at least did until last night when she refused all of her dinner. I think she must have been a little nauseated, because she even refused applesauce,  which she normally loves. Since then it’s been cheerios and a little bit of bread and she’s done ok with that. No vomiting thus far, which I am pleased about.

We should find out later this afternoon if we get to go home today, which I am hoping for.  She is not sleeping well at all while in the hospital and that means mommy is  not sleeping at all – which as you can imagine makes for me being very very tired.

I’ll update again when we know more.



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2 responses to “Hospital stay number 3

  1. grandma

    Sounds like good news, especially the moving. Hope you all get some sleep tonight. xo xo j

  2. Aspen

    Movement! I’m thrilled too. 😀 Good luck with the rest of round 3.

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