Baby Movement Progress

I mentioned in previous posts that Madeleine has been making good progress on her movement. You can Click Here! to see how she was moving yesterday. 🙂

Her right leg started moving again first, and her left leg has recently followed, so it is a little bit behind. However they are both straightening now and rotating upwards with her knee when her legs are bent. Her right leg is also lifting up off the floor 1/2-1 inch! And when she’s in her high chair or stroller, she now lifts both legs. The right leg she can get to a fully straightened position in the chair now, and the left leg gets to about a 45 degree angle, perhaps  a bit higher than that sometimes. Most recently she has started flexing her left foot again on her own! 😀

She is no longer rolling over, as she had been previously, but I think her stomach/core muscles really took a beating with her weight gain.  However, she is really trying to roll over. I think she’ll get there again.

When I put her on her tummy, she is now pushing up and turning herself with her arms. Her legs do move back and forth, but don’t actually do anything in terms of moving herself. I’m just excited that she’s trying.

My theory, which is the completely medically uneducated and unscientific opinion of a stay-at-home-mom who stares at her baby all day, is that the steroid really did a number on a) her ability to move since it deteriorates muscle mass and b) her desire to move since it made her so weak and tired. I think she’s got some atrophy going on, so we are working on getting her muscles stronger.

Otherwise, if there’s something near her that she can pull on to move closer to what she wants (ie. the chair leg in that video) she will. She is quite resourceful that way.

I am seeing steady progress day by day and am so thrilled that we are seeing it! She still wears her little ankle braces most of the day, including while she’s sleeping. However, because her right foot flexes on it’s own, I am letting her hang out during non-sleeping time with that leg out of the brace so she can practice moving her foot on her own.

All in all, things are going fantastically on the movement front.  She is going to prove those doctors wrong, and I know they will be thrilled with her progress! 😀 I cannot wait to show Cori how much she’s moving now. She always celebrates our joys so exuberantly.


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