My pink baby!

Today we had Madeleine’s transfusion at the infusion clinic. I was prepared for battle of the bored baby with tons of board books and tons of toys. Food. Snacks. Diapers. And on and on. I didn’t need half of it though, she did so great.

Just hanging out. See how she's lifted her leg up?

The likelihood of her having any sort of reaction to the blood transfusion dissipates greatly after the first 15 minutes, and she didn’t have any allergic reaction. No hives. No fever. Nothing. YAY!

If I thought she’d gotten back to her old self yesterday, boooyyy was I wrong. This child is totally back to herself today after the transfusion. She is quite lively and dramatic. She is much quicker to disagree (ie: scream) if she is displeased with something (ie: offering her food once she’s full).  I told her tonight that I had no idea who taught her the flair for the dramatics, but if this is infancy, the teen years are going to be brutal.

Look mom! My lovie has ribbon tabs. Ooooh! Aaaahh!

The other thing that is a bit crazy and great is that my baby is now pink! I had not realized just how pale she’d gotten because she’s been anemic for a while now. But now she is positively pink! My pink baby is back! 😀

The pink baby, loving on her Raggedy Ann doll with daddy. 😀


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One response to “My pink baby!

  1. grandma

    Maddy-pink, energetic, opinionated-yep, Maddy is back! I love it. And then moving too-WOW! xoxo

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