Happy 11 Month Birthday!!

11 Months Old!!

Today is Madeleine’s 11 month birthday, which means she’s only one month away from being 1 year old! Where has the last year gone?

What has happened this month? Well, first and foremost, we have had a boatload of doctor’s appointments. At our most recently appointment we met with Dr. Manly. Our regular team wasn’t available since the visit was scheduled pretty last minute,  so we saw Dr. Manly, who we’d met once before. He was simply ecstatic about her amount of movement and was thrilled that he got to tell the rest of the team what he’d seen her doing. 🙂

We’re stepping her down off the nerve pain killer and are going to see how she does. He also wrote her a prescription for eye drops since she has a little bit of a pink eye in her left eye. Her hematocrit was much better since the transfusion, her platelets are low, but acceptable and her ANC is super low. So, unless we’re going to the hospital, we will not be leaving the house until  it recovers.

We’ll be going back to the hospital tomorrow for more labs, a clinic visit with her ARNP and we’ll meet with her physical therapist again. She is no longer wearing the boots all the time like she had been, because she is moving so much more and flexing her foot on her own. YAY!

What else has happened in the last month?

  • The most exciting news first: In the last several days/week, Madeleine has started moving a lot more. She is almost always moving her legs now, whether on the floor or in a stroller or in her high chair.  When I lay her on her changing table, the legs are constantly going. 😀 She lifts them off the ground and on Thursday, she started rolling over again!!!! Now when we do floor time, she rolls all the time. Such a good girl!
  • We have been working on self-feeding for several months now and I was starting to worry that she wouldn’t feed herself. I don’t want my baby to be behind…yeah yeah, I know all babies develop at their own pace. Anyway, I typically put some type of finger food on her tray during meals so that she can practice. Her typical MO is to pick said finger food up, examine it closely, and then fling it back to the tray or to the floor. But today we worked on it again, and tonight something different happened. Tonight, she picked the puff snack up and put it right in her mouth! Then she did it again. And again. And again! My baby has figured it out. 😀
  • Her eating habits have slowed way down since she’s no longer on the steroid. In fact, she often refuses nursing before naps now, especially if she had a solid meal recently. She had been eating all kinds of “grown up” foods, but has recently started eating baby food again. The chemo can change your taste buds, and make foods you used to like not taste good anymore. So a lot of things she would normally eat, she now refuses. Baby food seems to still work well, though.
  • We’ve been seeing traces of shyness with her. When a new person enters the room or we enter a room with new people, she leans her head into me, almost burying her face in my chest.  It is darling! But I don’t know where my social little girl went.
  • Her daddy has taught her the peek-a-boo game.  He does it all the time, and this past week she started doing it, too. She turns her little palms facing out and puts her hands/arms up over her face and then peeks up over them. She always plays it with her daddy, but not so much with me. I love watching them play though, it  is adorable!
  • She has received countless toys and books and stuffed animals from family and friends, and we greatly appreciate them. It provides me the ability to vary the toys we take to the clinic/hospital so she doesn’t get so bored.
  • She’s seen several friends who have stopped by to bring us food and visit with us. She seems to really enjoy when people stop by to see us.
  • She now seems to be phasing out her third nap of the day and instead takes two longer naps and goes about 3-3.5 hours between naps.
  • We are still waking up several times in the night. I am not completely sure what to do about this, but hope it stops soon. I suppose we will talk to her pediatrician about it at her 12 month check-up. The only good news is that since she refuses nursing much of the time during the day, she gets a fair bit of liquid at night. But, obviously I don’t want to get woken up so much at night, and I wish she would sleep through the night for her own good, too.
  • We found out while we were in-patient at the hospital that all is well with her bladder, which is amazing news! We could not be more thrilled about that.
  • She is still loving on Calliope, and Calliope seems to be warming up to her, too. She gets very excited when she sees the kitty!
  • Madeleine now seems to understand the difference between “mama” and “dada”.  Alex says that when I am not in the room and she gets upset she’ll say “mamamaaaaaa” and she rarely says mama to me. When Alex is working or sleeping and she hasn’t seen him much, she often starts saying “dadadadada” quite a bit. In fact, this weekend while he was out of town for a school retreat, she was saying dada a lot.
  • Other words I think she is working on: “yes” & “kitty”. She also nods a lot and even nods yes to certain questions. I think sometimes it is imitation of us nodding at her, but other times she nods back to us completely unprovoked. 🙂
  • We are still reading quite regularly. She loves reading while we’re at the hospital, as it helps pass the time in waiting rooms.
  • We’re also turning her into a sports fan! She has watched parts of a couple of Seahawks games with us. 😀 She really loves it and loves when we help show her how to cheer. This is a real treat for her, because otherwise we don’t watch any TV with her. I would prefer she play, read, try to crawl around, interact, chat and not stare at a glowing box.
  • Her closet has been purged of the 6-9 month clothes and now is stocked with 9-12 month clothes and 12-18 month clothes.  We didn’t have much by way of the larger sizes, so I got to go shopping for her, which was so fun! I haven’t been able to do much of that since so many people bought us  so many clothes and we were already bursting at the seams with clothes.

So, there you have it, a synopsis of her 10th month of life. 😀 Now, for pictures. I’ve posted most of the photos I’ve taken thus far, but here are some from the last several days.

Going for a walk! Look what a big girl she is.

Ready for a ride!

We've arrived!

Look at me! I rolled!

Pasta is delicious!! Mmmmmmm

Hey mommy! I'm so happy to roll again and get all my toys!

I missed my daddy!! So glad he's home!

Puff flinging in full force!

Puff insertion! Look at that! She's a pro!!

Mmmmm...yummy puff!

What's under here, mommy?

Aren't I sweet? Yes, yes, I know. My parents tell me all the time.

Happy 11 month birthday, baby girl!!



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2 responses to “Happy 11 Month Birthday!!

  1. yay rolling! all such good news, we’re so happy for all 3 of you 🙂 (and cute shirt, btw)

  2. grandma

    Congrats to mom and dad for seeing baby through all the challenges of the last few months. I would like to know when she masters grandma… no pressure. xox o

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