Who’s rolling?

All the way back in  March, I posted this post about Madeleine rolling over for the first time. 🙂

Then, after our hospital stay, I made this post and about halfway down there’s another link to video of Madeleine rolling.

Shortly after that she stopped rolling again and pretty much stopped moving all together. This was a very sad, angry, upsetting time for me. I had been so encouraged initially and to lose that progress was so hard. I really struggled hearing from the doctors every visit about what this meant for her future. By far, the worst day was  the 10.5 hour day at the hospital  where every single medical professional (4 doctors and a physical therapist) we saw told me that she would more than likely not move much more than she was at that point, which was very little.

Well, in just the last week, since I posted last time, she has started moving even more! She is rolling, pivoting, moving her legs in a crawl-like motion. She is sitting better, bearing some weight on her legs for brief bursts and lunging out of my lap to get at things!!

This was her today: Click Here!

Her physical therapist said that she is doing so much more. Her right leg is slightly stronger than her left, but both legs are moving all muscles!!!! This is fantastic news! The reason her knees are not coming to her chest is because her lower abs are still weak, so we will continue working on strengthening that. Her hips are still a bit weak, so we will also work on that. And she showed me how to help her stand so she can work on bearing weight for longer on her legs. 😀

All in all, I am very  encouraged, very excited and very proud of my sweet little girl!!



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5 responses to “Who’s rolling?

  1. Dave

    That is such wonderful news! Madeleine is looking so good and it is great to see her moving and rolling around so much.

  2. That is fantastic news. I love the video and I am just so excited for you guys that she is moving so well now. Continued prayers for her and you guys.

  3. Aspen

    Congratulations, Madeleine! I’m so glad to hear this!

  4. grandma

    First it was tears, and now tears of joy. So proud and happy for you all.

  5. I love Madeleine more and more every time I see her! She is so precious. Such a wonderful baby. Yayyy!!! Good job Madeleine!!!!!!!!

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