We have a 3rd tooth!

That’s right, Madeleine has cut her third tooth!

See?? Fingers in my mouth!

We noticed a couple of weeks ago that all of a sudden Madeleine was drooling again.  Then she started chewing on her fingers. Ouch!! So I was simply waiting for more teeth to pop on through. Today I decided to check and see what was going on in there since I hadn’t in a few days and what do you know…there was a tooth in there!

This explains her waking up shrieking a couple of nights ago. I bet the tooth was popping through then.

Reading. Upside down reading.

She is still gnawing on everything including stuffed animals and paper, and yes, her fingers. My guess is that we have some more teeth getting ready to come in.


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One response to “We have a 3rd tooth!

  1. Wow! Ender doesn’t EVER hold up a book like that, much less lying down. Do you still read to her daily? That’s amazing!!!

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