Crawling again!

Or army crawling or scooting or whatever you want to call it. Madeleine was not actually “crawling” up on her hands and knees for real before, and it’s not as strong as it was initially, but we don’t expect that right away. Slowly and steadily, she is gaining more strength and getting better!

This morning, after she woke up, Alex and I were playing with Madeleine on the floor of her room and she scooted/crawled forward! OMGosh! We both were so excited, and my silly self started crying. This is her movement today: Click Here!

We are so excited and happy and in awe of her! She is simply amazing.



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6 responses to “Crawling again!

  1. Stacy

    That’s amazing, Heather! Watching that video made me cry. I love reading about and seeing videos of her incredible progress. She is such a little fighter!

  2. grandma

    Congrats to both baby and parents!! I believe this is do to good doctors, a baby with determination, and dedicated mom and dad who don’t give up. We so share your joy-we have shared this success with friends and neighbors, who share the joy, and will keep up the prayers. Love to all of you. xoxo

  3. Laura

    This was such a joy to read today off Kristine’s FB post πŸ™‚ I watched the video and I just thank the good Lord for doing so much already for her and for your family. I am continuing to pray daily for a full recovery. Maddie is so cute!!

  4. Don’t feel silly for crying – this is SUCH exciting news πŸ™‚ Give her a hug for me for doing such a good job!

  5. YAYAY!!!!
    That is AMAZING!
    Great job M!!!!

  6. I’d cry too! OMG! Thank God! I’ve been praying for full recovery, I think He is answering!!!!! :):):)

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