Pre-chemo #4 Appointment

Today we had labs and a clinic visit with Dr. Abicoff before we do our first out patient chemo!!

In the waiting room...again!

First things first: Her labs went well. She has recovered from this course of chemo and should do great this next course.

Her weight is stable. She is 22 lbs, even. She had that huge drop of a pound and a half, but went back up and has since stabilized. Dr. Abicoff thinks the drop must have been a fluke. She must have just had a bowel movement or peed a lot or something.  She’s otherwise hovered right around 22 lbs for the last couple of weeks. At least she’s not still gaining ridiculously.

Last week, mid week, Alex asked me if I thought her hands were bigger. She does this. Overnight her hands/feet get bigger. It’s crazy. I thought they did look bigger! So today I was anxious to see if she was longer, and she was! About a half an inch. So she’s now 28 inches long.

Dr. Abicoff was quite pleased with her movement. So happy and excited and said she is so pleased that she was wrong about her recovering use of her legs. 😀 The way this type of nerve damage recovers, we won’t know how much strength she will recover until she stops improving. There’s no other way to know. So I was clarifying this with her today and she said that yes, that’s true, but that she also doesn’t see a reason that she shouldn’t have a full/nearly full recovery just based on how much she’s improved in such a short time. 😀  Of course, I am thrilled, ecstatic, and jumping for joy!!

Bath time is fun!! *splash splash*

She is now sitting un-assisted for quite a while,  although I still wouldn’t leave her sitting without my hands nearby to catch her, if that gives you an idea of about where her stability is. As you’ve all seen, she’s wiggling, kicking her legs, lifting them towards her stomach, rolling, and scooting/army crawling!

This course of chemo should be easier on her than the last. She is not getting the same drug that made her so nauseated last time, so hopefully she’ll still eat well after this course. She will be getting three different drugs the first day, which will make for a long day tomorrow because she has to have all the pre-chemo tests done. Then the following two days she’ll just be getting one drug, so, as it went last time, it’ll be pretty quick. About an hour and a half.

My very own phone!? Yessss!


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  1. grandma

    she is just priceless! Love you guys very much. xo xo

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