Done with round four of chemo

I'm ready to go, mom!

Starting on Tuesday, we had 3 days of chemo for Madeleine in the out-patient portion of the clinic. She did great! I don’t know what I was thinking feeling so nervous about out-patient chemo before. It is much faster and easier on both of us.

Our first day was the long one, but we were still out of there by about 12:30, if I’m remembering correctly. The other two days were shorter and then today we just had to drop in quickly this morning for her to get her nulasta shot to help boost her immune system back up. She, as expected, hated this last visit, but really didn’t seem to mind the other two so much. I took plenty of toys and books and she was rather entertained for most of the time. However, because I was holding her most of the time, I do not have any photos.


As for her movement, she is improving every single day!! She is rolling faster, she has become a tumbleweed and rolls continuously across rooms, she’s trying to crawl and today I noticed that she got her knee up under her for the first time, lifting her little baby bum off the ground. Yesterday she started lifting her legs up to her chest far enough that she was able to grab her toes again! She really enjoys trying to pull her socks off and also sticking her feet in her mouth. Quite the talent! πŸ˜€

Look what I got, mommy!

She is also MUCH better at sitting. So much so, that I was able to get the photo to the left by scooting backwards – out of arm’s reach without fear that she would tip over immediately. She can actually sit like that for a couple of minutes now.

She has improved so much, I am so amazed and impressed by her determination. πŸ™‚

She is also anticipating from my mom’s arrival tomorrow – she’ll be here for a long weekend with us and we’re excited to show her how much she’s doing since she was here last – shortly after Madeleine was diagnosed.

Yes, I'm crawling around, what's it to ya!?

Jumping jacks! She's doing them again!

And now, Β for your viewing pleasure, some videos of her progress over the last couple of days. First, a video from today of her jumping jacks! Next is a video of her doing more jumping jacks and crawling around. And finally, a video of her playing in the bath. This child just loves to splash! πŸ˜€ And you’ll get a good laugh at my expense at the surprise at the end.


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