A huge general update

The last week has been so busy. My mom got into town last Saturday, so we were very busy doing fun things for Madeleine, and also going to doctor’s appointments, having her birthday party, letting her nap, you know, the usual.

So, first, doctor’s appointments. Since I updated last Madeleine has had 2 doctor’s appointments, a platelet transfusion and a physical therapy appointment. All of her counts were low this last time at the doctor yesterday. After her clinic visit she got platelets and we’ll have to go back tomorrow morning to have her counts re-checked. She may need a red blood cell transfusion tomorrow.  **sigh** At least the platelets were quick, as she was exhausted and having a rough day yesterday.  Still, we left the house at 7:30 and were not home until 4:00.  If she needs blood tomorrow, it’ll be a 4 hour transfusion. So. Not. Excited. At least she’ll probably feel better.

Physical therapy on Wednesday was good. Leslie, the physical therapist was happy with her improvement and gave me some more advanced exercises to do with her to try to strengthen her lower abs and legs even more. I guess her hips are still weak, so we have an exercise to do to help that, too. She is still rolling her right foot onto it’s side when you hold her in the standing position, so at some point when she’s pulling up/walking, she will most likely need these splints that are really thin and go inside shoes. We’ll see Leslie again in a couple of weeks.

We have another clinic visit with Cori on Monday and an MRI scheduled for next Friday, the 15th.  Then we’ll meet with Dr. Park on Monday to review the MRI results.

Her eating has suffered lately, which is sad. She won’t eat “real” food much anymore, as she much prefers the purees.  And yesterday we had an incident where she wouldn’t really eat much, but when she did start eating, she almost immediately threw the entire meal up again. 😦 So we’ve been taking it easy on the food.

Ok, so next, my mom’s visit. It was good! We did some shopping, lots of eating, and most importantly, Madeleine had her first birthday party!! A couple of weeks early so that my mom could be here for it, but it was great. She had a blast, smashed cake/frosting all over and we were able to have her family and some friends there. 😀 I am so happy she got to have a party, because when all of this cancer stuff started, I really didn’t think she was going to have one. Once the pictures roll in from family and friends, I’ll make a separate post about it. 🙂

Here are some fun pictures of her over the last week.


Oooh! A straw!



Reading time with Grandma!



Passed out at the clinic on Monday.



And, she's out!! 😀



At the clinic yesterday. And yes, every single person that walked by commented on how cute that hat is!



Waiting for the platelets to arrive, and she got my paper! lol



Once the platelets started going, she fell fast asleep. Such a sweet girl.



She loves this kitchen toy. She bops her head to the music and is entertained forever.



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  1. grandma

    We should all get matching hats! xo xo

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