Monday Clinic Visit

Today we had another clinic visit to check Madeleine’s counts again. She didn’t need a transfusion on Saturday, thank goodness, although her numbers had gone down. Except for her ANC, the white blood cells, they had gone up. However, those are the ones they don’t transfuse.

Before the outfit change

This child of mine, she had a ball at the clinic today. Well, half had a ball, half was miserable. After she had her port accessed and I was putting her back in her stroller, I noticed a big  wet spot on her. Then I saw the darkness. Then I realized “holy cow!! She’s blown out of her diaper!” This never happens anymore. And when I say never, I mean, it hasn’t happened in months and months. Like. 4 months. So I had stopped carrying an extra outfit in the diaper bag because a) why carry an outfit when I can fit an extra book or toy? b) Now I can carry a smaller bag c) why carry an outfit that’s never ever needed? ***siiiigh***  But I digress.

After the outfit change!

Luckily, being at the hospital, they had extra clothing type garments and were kind enough to let us use them. They were very big on her though, as they were made for a 2-3 year old, I’m guessing. She sure did look cute though!!

And man, did she charm the ladies at the clinic today. Once I took her out of the stroller, she was climbing all over me, grinning at them, and babbling up a storm. You see, the clinic was slow this afternoon and for a time, we were the only ones in the waiting room. Since Madeleine didn’t have any other kids to watch, she decided to be the main attraction. 😀 The ladies thought this was just the cutest thing and were gushing all over her.

Distracted from crankiness by a book

As usual, Cori was quite impressed with Madeleine and so excited about her movement. 🙂 Nothing bad to report, aside from the fact that her numbers haven’t come up. Instead, they’ve gone down again. So, we’ll be going back on Wednesday to check her numbers again. We’ll also be there on Friday for her MRI, at which point they can check her blood again, if she’s not recovering on Wednesday.

She is still working on her 4th tooth, and it seems to be causing her some discomfort today. I’m hoping that pops on through here soon. Otherwise, she’s doing great! Loving her mobility and oh so wiggly!



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3 responses to “Monday Clinic Visit

  1. Aspen

    I come here and read up occasionally but often don’t have time to comment. I’m so glad her mobility keeps improving! That’s really great! So sorry that she’s still feeling a bit iffy after this most recent round. Looking forward to seeing you both tomorrow, ETA around 4:30. =)

  2. Jo

    She is just so cute in those super giant clothes. 🙂 After Aiden quit having the blowouts… and then having one, I still carry a onesie with me and a pair of cotton pants/shorts… they just fit in the bottom of my purse (I don’t even carry the diaper bag now, unless we’re going somewhere ALL day, yay!… for another 3 months haha) because I TOO had the same experience of nothing to have him wear – luckily it was a warm day so the ‘just the diaper’ look was ok that day.

    Yay for wiggles and I hope that tooth pops through soon. 🙂 Miss you lots!!

  3. grandma

    She is just too cute-whatever the attire!! Take care.

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