Pumpkin Patch 2010

Since Madeleine’s birthday is right around Halloween, I have decided that making a big deal out of Halloween is important. 😀 ((ok, ok, making a big deal out of any holiday is a big deal, I admit it)) But I really want to start fun traditions with her and have all the photos of her doing these fun things that she can look back at for years to come.

Now that Alex is on a day shift at work and isn’t working weekends, we were able to head out to the pumpkin patch yesterday! Unfortunately, weather was not cooperating with us, which made our trip rather brief. But we were successful in picking out a pumpkin for our family, and a baby pumpkin for Madeleine!

The patch! So late in the season, the pickings were slimmer than in previous years.

Really mom!? Look at all of those!

We found our pumpkin!

Finally under cover where it's dry!

And once we got home and out of the rain, she enjoyed playing on the computer some! 😀

Stay tuned for photos next weekend of the family pumpkin carving time! 😀 Madeleine is all prepared to play with the pumpkin guts and is oh-so excited! And of course, we are all prepared with a warm bath for her afterwards. 😛



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2 responses to “Pumpkin Patch 2010

  1. Kelly

    So much fun! I love her hat. 😉

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