Treatment Update

Look! I got the remote!

We finally heard back from the surgeon’s scheduler’s office (aka: I called Hem-Onc since I hadn’t heard anything yet and eventually got transferred to them and then they contacted the surgeon and figured out what was going on). We have our pre-op appointment with the surgeon scheduled for Thursday afternoon. The only thing is that because of trying to coordinate schedules for both surgeons who need to be in the surgery – they can either do the surgery next Monday, November 1st (tentatively; this still needs to be confirmed with surgeon #2) or they can’t coordinate the two schedules for at least another 3-4 weeks.

All grins for breakfast!

After brief discussion, Alex and I would both prefer that we get this done ASAP. We want it over with and for her to begin healing now. We want the holiday season to be surgery-free. We want to be able to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas and be past all of this. So, it looks like Monday we will be going to the hospital for her surgery. I am not sure of the recovery time/how long we’ll be in-patient after surgery. I am not sure what all the surgery entails, other than removal of as much tumor as they can. I am not sure of much of anything right now, but will report back after our visit with the surgeon.

At her ped's office in her Halloween costume!

The other thing we did today was go see her regular pediatrician for her 12 month well-child check up! Her pediatrician’s office has been fantastic through all of this, checking in on her regularly. Her doctor calls us occasionally and even called to see how we were doing when her leg movement prognosis was not good. They let us come in the side door today so we could avoid all of the sickies in the waiting room. They had a little mini-mask for Madeleine, which she promptly refused to keep on her face. Haha! Then they led us to an exam room that they’d held all day for us so that it was fresh from the cleaning crew and not covered in sick kid germs.

He even said he’d love to see her in her Halloween costume when he called to check on some things last night, so she went all decked out as my sweet little lamb.

The appointment went very well. She has dropped in percentile for height (10-25%) but maintains about 50-75% for weight.  He expects she will stay plateaued for her weight for a bit while her height catches up. We talked about her eating habits and how to help those along so she is not quite so picky, and to avoid accidentally encouraging pickiness. We talked about sleep habits, when to wean, etc.

He also discussed her verbal/social development with me and was quite pleased with her 4 1/2 words (mama, dada, hi, yes and git gee or just git for kitty). He said that that is actually slightly ahead of where he’d expect a 12 month old to be. 😀 In fact, he was concerned he was going to have to refer us for language/speech development therapy, but was ecstatic not to need to.  I guess it’s common with kids who are in doctor’s offices a lot to get behind in this part of their development since they’re not at home playing, reading, etc. It’s good that I take so many toys and books to the clinic with us, I suppose. 🙂 We still play and read, just not at home!

Yes, she's into everything.

So, things are going well. We have physical therapy in the morning again. We’ll see how much more/less the PT thinks she’s doing.



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3 responses to “Treatment Update

  1. keep us posted on your sched on Monday – we can bring you dinner for sure if the timing is right 🙂

  2. Jamie

    That costume is adorable!! Good luck with the surgery and I look forward to seeing you both when it’s all done!!

  3. Would love to know what Dr. George says about how not to accidentally encourage pickiness and how to help them eat and not be picky eaters!

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