Surgery, Day 2

We are still at the hospital, much as I expected we probably would be tonight.

While surgery went very well, for which we are so thankful, her post-op pain management did not go very well last night. We tried giving her little boosts of morphine, in addition to her morphine drip. She still was wimpering and breathing in a way that the nurses said indicated  she was in pain. 😦 She was up off and on all night last night, crying, screaming when any nurse or doctor came in the room. I was so worried about how much pain she was in, and also that she was developing an anxiety for anyone in scrubs or a white coat, which would make all of the remaining stuff that much worse for her.

Look mom! I found the oxygen-maker-thingie-ma-bob

Finally, around 9 o’clock this morning she got some different medication to help with muscular/skeletal pain. She is getting that in scheduled doses and is doing much, much better. She is no longer screaming whenever anyone enters the room – thank goodness!

I got to hold her for the first time post-op today! Our nurse today has been wonderful and helped me to hold her while she changed the bed linens for us since they were icky from having to re-dress her chest tube last night. While I was holding Madeleine, she was acting as though she wanted to nurse so I sat in the glider and tried and she gulped down a fair bit of milk. πŸ™‚ So good! That’s the first she’s eaten since the night before surgery. This is very good. She has since eaten three more times.

When the doctors came by for rounds this morning, they said that it will be at least until tomorrow morning before her chest tube will come out. She was still draining a fair amount of fluid. So, since she can’t get off the morphine drip until that is out and thus can’t get the catheter out until the morphine drip is off, we will more than likely be here until at least tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully not much longer than that. We all do much better at home in our own beds and in the comfort of our own home.

Now that she is feeling better, she is being quite wild. The surgeons told us she’d be calm after surgery because she wouldn’t feel good, but wow. They were wrong. Today after getting that new pain med she was wiggling and squirming, trying to sit up and roll over, kicking a whole bunch. The nurse said that it was really atypical of how kids normally are after surgery. I knew it! This is what I’d been concerned about – her trying to move too much while she was supposed to be healing – but had felt calmed by what the surgeons had said. Guess they just don’t know her quite like her mommy does! πŸ˜‰

See the contraption? She loves it.

Otherwise, she has been napping on and off. More on than off now, which is good. She’s still fighting sleep like she always has, so the child life volunteer brought us a CD player and some calming CDs to play in the background. That is helping to block out all of the hospital noises that previously were startling her awake quite often. And the nurse helped us rig up a toy-type contraption above her head for her to play with. She babbled and played with this until she fell asleep again. πŸ™‚

For now, she’s back down asleep after meds, vitals and nursing. Since we’re in a glorious single room, I have now had a shower and we’re cozying down for the night. Yes, I make my very own words. πŸ™‚



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2 responses to “Surgery, Day 2

  1. I’m glad they have figured out the meds! I am also happy to hear she is intrested in playing and moving about! {and that you are in a single room!}
    Let Bri or I know if you need anything else, more food or anything while you guys are at the hospital. or when you are home…. I can always make more calzones…. : )

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