Day 3, post-op

Today was another “better than yesterday” day. What has happened…well, this morning she got her catheter taken out to see if she could urinate on her own now that the morphine has been dialed down a bit. So far she’s doing great at filling her diapers!

Yessss!! Out of that darn crib!

While I was at the cafeteria this afternoon getting some lunch, the doctors came in to remove her chest tube. Awesome! She hadn’t really been draining much of anything any more out of it. Once that came out she got more fussy, which confused us because we were told she’d get happier once it was out.  Turns out she was fussy because she wanted out of the bed! So I got her out and held her for a bit. Nursed her and let her daddy hold her, too.

It's about time, mom!

Then, she decided that she would try to eat her first solid food meal since the surgery. She had some pureed peaches and cheerios and life was grand! She did very well and was super excited to eat. 🙂 Overall, she is pretty much back to her crazy spunky self, and the nurses  think she is hilarious! They’re all so happy to see her doing so well. In fact, her first nurse after surgery came into the room today while our nurse was busy and was very happy to see her so happy. She was so fussy that first afternoon/evening that he hadn’t really seen her true personality.

We are working on dialing down the Morphine some more so that hopefully she can go home tomorrow. 🙂 She is still getting Tylenol and the 2nd pain killer, as well, so that should help to control her pain as the Morphine goes away.

I'mma get you cheerio!!

Once she woke up from her evening nap around 8:30 (she is so far off schedule, it is not even a little bit funny) we hung out and she had some more cheerios while we chit chatted. 🙂 She’s been great about taking her naps this time in the hospital. Not sure if that’s thanks to the drugs or if she’s simply getting used to being in the hospital at this point. The curtain around her crib helps immensely so she can’t see us while she’s falling asleep.


We have the same nurse tonight that we had last night, which is nice in terms of consistency. We know her and are used to her already.

Keep your fingers crossed that she can get off of this morphine and IV fluids tonight/tomorrow morning so that we can go home tomorrow! I am definitely ready for my own bed again, and I’m sure Madeleine would appreciate having her own bed again, too. And not getting woken up every couple of hours for vitals/meds/welfare checks/doctors wanting to see her/x-rays/ etc etc etc



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2 responses to “Day 3, post-op

  1. Jamie

    Yay! Keeping my fingers crossed for you! Hopefully by now you ARE home 🙂 Can’t wait to see you all soon!

  2. grandma

    She looks pretty good for all she has been through. I love her little personality, and she still is a happy baby, so here’s to all of you! XO XO

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