Horner Syndrome

One thing we were not briefed on, but is quite common with this type of surgery is the risk of causing Horner Syndrome. This is caused because of damage during surgery, since the tumor was attached where the nerves go into the spinal cord. They said that they see it quite commonly with surgery such as hers.

I provided a link to the Mayo Clinic’s website describing the syndrome, however it is basically nerve damage to one side of the face. It presents itself by showing slightly different pupil sizes, a droopy eyelid and lack of sweating on that side of the face.

Madeleine has these symptoms, except for the sweating, we have not seen that yet. But her eyelid is drooping and her pupils are different in size.

What this means for her? Nothing, really. When she’s in elementary school she can have a cool thing to talk about at show and tell. The doctor said that as she gets older, the eye differences will most likely get less noticeable.  I hope so, for her sake.

Otherwise, she is doing well today. We had a much better night with good rest for all of us, aside from the highly uncomfortable bed they have for parents. They are currently taking her catheter out since they have dialed down the morphine drip a fair bit and are hoping to take her chest tube out later. Keep your fingers crossed!



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2 responses to “Horner Syndrome

  1. grandma

    One step at a time… because she will be able to take those steps-side by side with great parents! As long as she knows how special she is, how much she is loved, and how many people care about her… a little eye personality is managable. Hope you all ge some rest soon. xo xo

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