Home from the hospital

I realized I hadn’t posted an update since the 3rd day, post-op.

We came home from the hospital on Thursday afternoon. Her chest tube was taken out the evening before and then she was slowly dialed down off the morphine until the next morning when she was taken off of it completely. YAY! We got to come home once they were sure her pain was manageable for us at home. She was doing great and was quite chipper, so we were discharged.

We are SO glad to be home! I think both Alex and I are going to need some chiropractic work after sleeping on that hard pull-out couch for 4 days. *ouch!*

Since we’ve been home, Madeleine is doing well. A bit fussy and upset at times, but I am starting to think that that has more to do with my low milk supply (hospital also made that take a huge hit) than with her actually hurting. I hope.

My mom arrived into town on Saturday morning, so we’ve been having fun playing with grandma – hence the lack of blog updates.

We’ve got a follow-up with Hem-Onc on Friday and then a follow-up with the surgical center next week. We took off her bandages over her chest tube wound yesterday, and all appears to be healing well. 🙂

And if you all could please send your thoughts and prayers to a family in grieving tonight.  I have been following the Matthews’ story for a few weeks now and am so heartbroken after reading that their precious baby boy passed away this morning after fighting a courageous battle with cancer. Please send them all of the strength that you can right now, as I cannot even imagine the pain they are feeling. Cancer is an ugly, ugly beast and has taken another angel from us too soon.


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  1. glad to hear an update! and glad grandma got to come back to town 🙂 was wondering about the silence. i voted on juan’s video btw.

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