Grandma’s Visit!

One up-side of all of this cancer nonsense is that it means my mom has made extra trips out to visit us. This time she came out after Madeleine’s surgery! We scheduled it a week out from surgery, figuring we’d be out of the hospital by then and Madeleine’s critical healing time would be past us.

We had a good time! Madeleine got to go out to a couple of restaurants, we played lots with Grandma, we hung out and talked (the adults) and tried to keep Madeleine on a good sleep schedule. We also got a few errands run, but I mostly just wanted my mom to get to spend some quality time with us.

Since Madeleine’s separation and stranger anxiety is in full force, it took a while for her to warm up to my mom, but over time (a few days) she finally let her hold her for more than 10 seconds without crying.

Now, on to the photos!!

Reading her new Thanksgiving book from Grandma


Daddy with baby

Doesn't this picture make you smile? 🙂

Reading more new books!

A flap book. A book with flaps!

Standing at her table!

She makes this hilarious face with her chin up and jutted out far like that. LOL!

Time to read with grandma!

Then we took a walk!

Neener neener! I got my mom!

And since Ron, our family friend, was taking my mom to the airport – he took a 3 generations photo for us!

(excuse my pajamas)


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One response to “Grandma’s Visit!

  1. grandma

    I already miss you guys but so glad I could visit! xo xo

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