Clinic Follow-Ups

By the end of the appointment, she was zonked!

First, our follow-up at hem-onc. Not much news that is new. We knew that her treatment is complete. We knew we’d have follow-up visits. We’ll be going back every 2 weeks for the next couple of months for blood tests and visits with Cori. Cori said we’ll leave her port in until those blood tests are completed, so they don’t have to IV her every time. That’d be miserable. So, hopefully sometime in January she’ll be getting her port removed.

Helping dad with his video game!

Cori said that the reason her Horner’s Syndrome symptoms seem better/almost non-existent is because during surgery there’s two things that can happen. 1) the nerves are actually cut/damaged. This results in permanent damage 2) the swelling caused by surgery causes pressure on the nerves, which is why symptoms present themselves, but then these symptoms go away. Cori thinks the 2nd is why her symptoms have gotten better. Her eyelid sag and pupil size are both pretty much un-noticeable now, especially if you’re not looking for it. However, she still only really sweats on her right side of her head/face. Of all things, this is really no big deal.

Business Statistics? That's one smart baby!

Look at that lip!

Next, we went to see Dr. Meehan for her post-surgical follow-up. This appointment went well, also. He said her incisions are healing very well and that she can again have baths (yay!). So the other night she had her first bath in 2 weeks and she was quite ecstatic with that.  There was water splashing up out of her little tub, then up over the sides of the big bath tub and on to me!! Onto the toilet! Onto the bath mat! She was thrilled. Her little baby toes were even pruney. 🙂

YAY! Bath Time!

Pruney feet!

The closest I've come to capturing the fish face

She’s started doing this fish face sometimes, where she sucks her cheeks in and makes a hilarious smacking sound. HAHA! It is so funny!


She’s developing an even sillier personality now that she’s all done with treatment. She’s much more lively and is doing a lot more that she wasn’t doing before. 🙂

She has officially learned to point, which is pretty adorable. Now she points at everything! Me, her dad, pictures, books, her balloon, other people, the cat. You know, anything that excites her at the moment. 😉 I love it! She was slightly delayed in this milestone, which Cori said was normal, given chemo and treatment. That tends to happen.

Let me out!!! (LOL!)

These days life is a bit busier in some ways, but a lot easier in others. I have a more relaxing time getting housework done and Madeleine even helps! Helps by playing on her  own, that is. While going through treatment, she would fuss like crazy if I did house work while she was on the floor playing. She wanted me to play with her. Now she’s a much more independent player and I can let her loose while I do laundry or dishes or whatever.

We’ve also started sleep training at night. She has become far too dependent on me at night when she wakes up and we need to curb it. Now that I know she’s not in pain and she’s not in treatment, it’s time to start! We started two nights ago, and last night she actually put herself back to sleep without crying for long. 🙂

So all in all, things are going much better here. Madeleine is on a schedule again. She is sleeping much better and much less fussy than she was post-surgery. I’m a more rested mama who actually does some things for herself now that I have time. And best of all – our baby is on her way to living a normal, non-doctor and nurse filled life! Fantastic!


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  1. She’s so beautiful! So happy that treatment is completed!!

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