Stay tuned!

You may wonder why I’ve been so MIA for the last week or so. Well, I’ve been busy. I have been busy reading, researching, talking to attorneys, talking to contacts I have in the community, writing, coming up a name. For what, you may ask?

For a non-profit.

That’s right. I am working on starting a non-profit for pediatric cancer research. Specifically, research for solid tumor treatment. We need to find a way to beat these cancers. A way in which kids aren’t undergoing harsh and debilitating treatments for months and years. A way in which kids will no longer be dying from aggressive forms of cancer.

So, stay tuned. I will soon be creating a blog with information about our mission statement, start-up costs (for which we’ll need donations as well) and where we are in the process of getting everything up and running.

If any of you would like to help or know of people who would like to help on our board of directors, please leave a comment or  shoot me an e-mail.  I am currently on the hunt for board members to lift this organization off the ground!



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2 responses to “Stay tuned!

  1. Hi Heather. I’ve been watching your story and am so happy for your good outcomes. Kristine let me know that you are looking at starting a nonprofit. I worked on the board of a nonprofit after Hurrican Katrina, and know how hard it can be to get that set up and running. When I was looking for ways to help Seattle Children’s, I was drawn to their Guild Association, which is incredibly well run and allows fundraising for specific entities/funds with the hospital. Would be happy to talk with you about my experience, and how easy the GA has made it for us to get our Guild up and running.

    Again, so many prayers of thanks for all your continued good news.

  2. Wow, what an ambitious endeavor! Pediatric cancer research needs more people like you out there. Best of luck and I will stay tuned to find out more info on the non-profit!

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