Oh Christmas Tree!

As I mentioned in a previous post, we decided this year to get a Christmas tree. As expected, Madeleine loves it,  so it will be enclosed with part of a super yard to keep her little curious hands from pulling it over.

Nothing fancy, we just went to the QFC around the corner and got a little 5 foot tree. Alex carried it home for us, since we didn’t want to tie it to the car, or stuff it in the car.

Alex trying to adjust the tilt of the tree. It's still a little tilty though. Haha

Then, this evening, it was time to decorate!! Madeleine helped put her own little ornaments on the tree and flailed her arms and legs with excitement while I held her. 😀

She also helped by occupying herself while I got all the lights on the tree. See??

See the huge mess of toys? Yup, those were all picked up and put in her toy bin. She thought it was fun to pull each thing out and throw it aside around her. LOL!

Finally, it was done!! And now it’s time to relax in the living room amidst the glow of cheerful Christmas tree lights. 🙂

Happy Holidays!!



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One response to “Oh Christmas Tree!

  1. grandma

    I love it!!! And I love thinking of you and Miss M having it to cheer you up! Thanks to Alex for facilitating!!! 🙂 xo xo

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