Hi Santa!

This week we went to see Santa, as well. We’re just full to bursting with holiday cheer! 🙂 And when you see Madeleine’s Santa photo, you might just agree disagree.

Last year I took Madeleine to see Santa when she was only a couple of months old.  She did great last year, with no tears. She was mostly just confused. This year, however, was a different story. I’m not sure what it was about Santa, but she would just look at him and start crying. LOL!

It’s the same Santa as last year, and the photographer was the same as well. He was great again trying to get one of her not crying, but in the end I decided on this one:


And since she was so traumatized, Santa had a little basket of stuffed animals! He offered it to her and she chose a little red bear, which she adores now.

The red bear in the back seat (we needed an emergency diaper change)

In the end, Santa made it up to her with a BFF red bear. I think all is good with her and Santa now.

And during the rest of the day, she played. I was trying to do dishes and my little monkey was climbing in the dishwasher, so I finally put the door up again. Then she crawled over to the bank of drawers and  started opening the bottom one. I’m in for it!! She’ll be getting into everything in no time.

Mom! Can I help?

What's in this drawer, mommy?? ((and yes, she did open it at one point))



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2 responses to “Hi Santa!

  1. ahhh, that picture just cracks me up – poor little kiddos don’t know that they’re supposed to love the giant man in the funny red suit with crazy beard.

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