Happy 13th & 14th month birthday!!

13 Months!

I apologize, as I missed posting about Madeleine’s 13 month birthday, although I did take her photo. I have been a lazy blogger of late – we have been so busy preparing for Christmas and all that goes with it.

Madeleine’s had a lot going on in the last two months of life – mainly that it appears as though we’ve beat this thing **knock on wood** and she has gone through the final surgeries required. Her tumor has been removed and just last week she had her port removed. 🙂


14 Months!

She celebrated Thanksgiving and now we’re coming up on her 2nd Christmas, too!


What else has she been up to?

  • She has made amazing progress in her movement in the last two months. She can now go from laying on her tummy to pushing herself up into sitting. 🙂 She started doing that just a few weeks back.  However, she’s now gotten a little bit lazy about it and rolls her legs out to the side and pushes up over her hips instead of getting up onto her knees every time. This caused a semi-worried call to her PT to ask if she thought this was just laziness or if she thought it was weakness. She said it sounded like laziness, but gave me things to watch out for in terms of diminishing strength.
  • Then, just yesterday, Madeleine got up on her hands and knees and took a few tentative crawls on her hands and knees!!!! YAY!!! I was on the phone with my mom when she did it and I was sooo excited! I’d started to think – based on her preference to go over her hips  rather than up onto her knees – that maybe she had hip weakness and wouldn’t be able to learn to crawl on her hands and knees. This is very exciting!!
  • She is also pulling up from a sitting position onto her knees and is getting better at getting one leg from kneeling into a half-stand. She’s really trying to pull herself up to standing, which is quite exciting.
  • She’s getting much more stable and can walk much further with the use of mom or dad’s fingers. She walks all over our house this way. 🙂
  • She got her first flu shot at the strong urging of hem-onc, and handled it like a champ. Slight fever the 2nd day after receiving it, and obviously didn’t feel great, but has been doing very well since then. And would you believe it – she didn’t cry when they poked her!
  • She has also started loving on her baby dolls and stuffed animals. She gives them great big hugs and kisses, too! She currently drags her baby dolls all over the downstairs as she army crawls around. So much so that it impedes on her ability to crawl sometimes. haha!
  • I’ve also started giving her stuffed animals in her crib, which she seems to love. She’s gone from adoring her giraffe to having preference for a specific teddy bear.
  • Sharing is now a regular thing in the Tomlin household. Madeleine shares toys, food, dolls, you name it! She’ll offer it over to me. I’ll take it and then  she’ll request it back. 🙂 It is very cute! Doesn’t work quite so well with food, though, so I’ll tell her mommy’s not hungry and she can eat it. 😛
  • Alex is now rescinding  his announcement that “itty” was her first word, because since I made that post, she has not said it again. **sigh** However she is now saying “bebee” a lot in reference to her baby dolls or a baby she sees in a book. Last night she said it completely un-prompted, so we’ll see if that continues. I think it’s cute that he has such requirements for a first word.
  • She is recognizing words, for sure.  She has a fascination with lights and points them out wherever we are.. Last night we asked “Where’s the light?” and she pointed at the dining room chandelier. Repeatedly.
  • She’s also appeared to have figured out the sign language for “all done” because I *think* I’ve finally convinced her to give me the sign when she’s done eating as opposed to suddenly screaming at me to quit feeding her when she is full. LOL
  • Hugs and kisses have gotten even better. Now instead of just reaching an arm over, she actually wraps both arms around my neck and pulls me in to her. Awww it is the best feeling!!  She gives her daddy hugs, too, especially if she hasn’t seen him much because of work and school. There are actually nights where she’ll refuse to come to me and will just keep hugging her daddy. It’s very sweet!
  • All 6 teeth have come in that I mentioned in her 12 month post. We believe she’s cutting more, but she bites us when we put our fingers in to feel for them, so we’re not sure where they are. But she woke up through the night last night and after her morning nap, her head was laying in a giant puddle of drool. Ew!
  • Her hair is coming back, rather rapidly!! Her head is now covered in a soft fussy layer of hair. 😀 We’ll see what color it is! Right now it’s a little hard to tell if it’ll be blond or brown or still slightly reddish.
  • She’s also becoming a bit more defiant. She knows the word “no” and actively defies me. For example, she will spit food out when she’s eating if she’s not a huge fan.  I will say “Madeleine, no. Chew that up.” And she’ll stop, grin at me, and put her hand back up to her mouth pretending she’s going to take the food out again.  Then she’ll stop and giggle, knowing she’s being naughty. I’m in for it!!
  • Feeding is going well. She’s a very healthy eater! She’s gotten much better at self feeding and now I let her feed herself small bites of whatever we’re eating. Last night she had Spaghetti Carbonara with peas and bacon. That went over very well. She loved the noodles, was ok with the bacon and took quite a bit of coercing to eat her peas.  She eats a wide variety off foods these days though, and I tend to get veggies in her diet through trickery and hiding them in sauces. 😉
  • Her sleep has been going better, but she still has one early morning wake-up before the official morning wake-up. I plan on talking to her ped about this at her 15 month check-up, but for now it’s ok. Usually around 5 am she’s up and then goes back down.
  • Madeleine still loves to read, and they are one of her favorite toys.  Her newest thing is reading to herself. She’ll drag books out and put them in her lap and flip through them, talking to herself the whole time. 😀 Adorable!
  • I think she’s finally got her normal-ish cheeks back! After looking through some of the birthday photos, they have definitely shrunk a ton. Her 10 and 11 month birthday photos make me sad to look at how much weight she’d gained. But I’m glad she’s back to looking more like herself.
  • She’s gotten out a ton this holiday season, while I’ve been doing all sorts of Christmas shopping for the family. She really enjoys seeing everyone while out and about!
  • She helped her parents pick out a tree, went to see Santa, and just last weekend we went to see the lights at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens. She was very intrigued by that and had a great time!! Stay tuned for photos and a blog post about that. 🙂

I think that’s about it for the last two months. As you can read, she’s been making a ton of progress, and we’ve been quite busy.  So sorry for the lack of updates, but hopefully after the holidays calm down I will be able to update more!!

Poor kitty!! Madeleine locked her out and blocked the door. LOL!

Up to kneeling all by herself!

Loving on her baby doll!

I. Want. Out.

Cruisin' with the baby doll! See? I wasn't kidding!!

Looook mom!!!!! (and baby doll!)

Smashing her face against the window! hahaha!

She literally crawled right out of her pants. LOL!

Such a sweet girl! 🙂 I love that smile!


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  1. grandma

    She is just darling-and strong! Go Madeleine xoxo

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