Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas 2010! This year was fun, because it’s the first year that Madeleine has really known what was going on. Last year she was only 2 1/2 months old, so she seemed a bit confused by everything. Even at her birthday, she didn’t quite get the hang of how to open presents, but she did rip into the wrapping paper this year! And keeping her away from attacking all of the presents and bows was quite the chore. That’s why you will see the super yard around the Christmas tree in some photos.

Daddy and baby on Christmas Eve morning.

Exploring the presents

Daddy loves to swing her, and she LOVES to swing! (gently of course...don't worry!!)

"Crawling around, the Christmas tree..!"

Daddy and Madeleine before we left for Olympia!

Mommy and Madeleine before we left.

Then, it was Christmas morning!!! We had a nice day as a family today, and I cooked my first full Christmas dinner for the family. 🙂 Madeleine opened her presents in stages, as the attention span of a 14 month old isn’t the greatest, but she loved playing with all of her toys and books.

Opening her stocking this morning!

Opening her new stuffed Elmo. She loves Elmo!

Look at this child and how she made out this Christmas! Spoiled girl!!

And finally, it was dinner time. Yum! Madeleine loved her stuffing and ham. The green beans were just so-so and she hated the yams. LOL!

We hope everyone else had a wonderful Christmas as well!! 😀


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