A Whole Bunch of Firsts

In the last few weeks, we’ve had a bunch of firsts, milestones, “look mom, I’ve never done this before!” moments. Let’s start with today. Today was Madeleine’s first post-treatment MRI. That’s right – today they took another series of scans so we could see what the tumor was up to in there, if anything.  We arrived bright and early (yes, about 45 minutes early) and did a lot of waiting around today, because they had an emergency that needed an MRI and cut in front of us, so they were a whole patient behind.

See our little monkey??

Once we got into the pre-MRI patient room, we had a hard time holding Madeleine back. She is quite the monkey these days and was climbing all over the crib/bed. We had a little dance party. As time (an hour and a half) ticked by, we got bored…so then Alex opened up some music on his phone and we had a little dance party. They slow danced, we bounced around a little. She thought this was a great time. LOL! And it distracted her for a good 15 minutes or so.

When she came back from the MRI, it took her a while to wake up. I think she was so tired that she wanted to take a nap, but that nurse went and woke her up to make sure she could drink and get the heck out of their recover room. Pssshhh.

Isn't she sweet?

She did a great job drinking after she woke up, so we took her, her medical encyclopedia file and her stroller up to hem-onc for her appointment where we waited around some more. They were running behind/ran out of rooms up there, too.

But once we got in the room, Cori told us that her MRI looks good, as far as she can tell. She’s not a radiologist, so they will be calling us with official results later in the week. They, as usual, were thrilled with her and pleased to see all that she’s doing.  I got the usual razzing about being so neurotic that something’s wrong. Yeah yeah. The last time we thought she was fussy because she was “just teething” she had cancer, so I’m a little hyper about the “what if’s” these days. What if she’s not just having a bad day? What if she’s not just coming down with a little cold? What if she’s in pain and we don’t know it? What if what if what if.  But she is fine!! 🙂 So that is good!

Her next first is sort of a group of firsts. She has all sorts of words that have come out of that sweet little mouth in the last week or two. She now says: Mom, momma, mommy, dad, dadda, baa (bath), hi (she says this to strangers she’s waving at now), yeah/yes, baby (bebee), up, blue (brue), and today she said YAY for the first time after I did. 😀 Alex has finally agreed that baby is her first word. I know I posted before that kitty was her first word, but she has not said it again since I made that post. So Alex rescinded that as being her first word. LOL!

Other new things that she’s doing? She’ll point to the light if you ask her where the light is. She’ll make the sign for “all done” at the end of a meal, end of story time, etc. She plays patt-a-cake, high fives and claps.

Alex and I make kiss noises sometimes as we pass each other or are leaving the room and she now immitates the little smacking sound if we do it. :lol:  You can see her making smacking sounds with her daddy, here: CLICK ME!

She understands SO much of what I tell her, so now whenever we’re going to change activity, to help with the transition, I tell her “ok honey, let’s put your toy away so we can go eat. Are you ready for dinner? Yum!” (for example) and she puts her toy to the side and lifts her arms up or says up. I’ve found that she does much better transitioning from task to task if I explain to her beforehand what is going on. I get her excited about the new task and she moves on happily. Otherwise, she seems startled and frustrated that I’m taking her from her activity that she was perfectly content with.

She’s also understanding other words and phrases and responds accordingly. We can ask her, “where’s the light?” and she’ll turn to find the light and point at it. We’ll say “where’s your baby?” and she’ll turn and crawl to her baby doll, pick her up and hug it. You get the idea. She gets excited when I tell her we’re going to read a story. She gets excited when I ask her if she wants milk or dinner (or breakfast, or lunch). It’s so fun to watch her learning all of these things.

More recently, I started pointing to each word as I read it. I’m hoping she’ll start to understand that the words I’m saying are on the pages she’s looking at and she’ll start to understand exactly what reading is. 😀 She does watch my finger and follow it with her eyes.

Yoga, anyone??

She is also now pulling herself up onto her knees, and just the other day – she pulled herself up to her feet!!! She uses the couch to pull up. Of course, this makes me putting anything on the couch to hide from her, nearly impossible. I have also had to banish the coffee table to the garage since she kept pulling up on it and losing her grip and bonking her head. The baby proofing will continue as we put the locks on the cabinets in the kitchen and notice things that she can now get to that we hadn’t realized.

I think that I’ve covered everything with all of those firsts…but if I forgot anything, you can always count on me to come back and update. 😉

Now that her daddy doesn’t work weekends or nights, and we are done with treatment, we are working on making all sorts of fun family memories. We had a great time this weekend going up to Snoqualmie Falls and Salish Lodge for a little family adventure. Stay tuned for a blog post about that trip, complete with video and photos!


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