The Zoo!!

For Christmas, Uncle Erik and his girlfriend B gave us a membership to the zoo. We thought we’d go check it out as a family for the first time. I’m sure I’ll take M by myself many times, but we wanted daddy there for the “first” time. He’ll probably be a lot more agreeable when the weather warms up a bit, too. Hehe

We ventured out into the cold, but thankfully it wasn’t raining, and checked out a few exhibits. We saw a leopard, birds, snakes (the tropical exhibit). We saw families of gorillas and raptors. We saw Meerkats and more birds. We saw emus and kangaroos, too! We all had a great time! And we only saw a small portion of the zoo.

Alex’s favorite was the leopard, but he kept playing hide and seek with the zoo visitors, so it was kind of hard to get a good look at him. My favorite was definitely the gorillas. They are so cute! And there was one in particular that kept charging at her family – playing around, I’m sure. But Madeleine’s favorite was by far the birds. You see, she has recently figured out how to say “birdie” while looking out the glass door with her daddy at the birds in the back yard. It comes out more like “buh-dee” and she points as she says it. ๐Ÿ˜€ Today there was a lot of pointing and “buh-dee” sounds being made.

She loved looking at all of the birds, but the zoo has this one exhibit called the Willawong Station. It is essentially a large room with trees and lots of birds flying free. Things like parakeets and cockatiels. Madeleine was fascinated, to say the least. How did we know? Well, when she is fascinated by something she stops her chattering and just stares and stares. The other cool thing about this exhibit is that you can buy sticks with bird seed on the ends. Then when you hold the sticks out, the birds fly to your hand and eat the seeds. So neat!! I took a little video for you to see. ๐Ÿ˜€ Click here!

After looking around the zoo a bit, she got to have lunch at the cafeteria before we headed home. She woke up early this morning, so by 12:30 when we were on the way home, she was both excited and still wound up after the zoo experience, and also exhausted. She passed out on the car ride home and stayed passed out while her daddy got her out of the car seat and upstairs to her crib. Poor little thing was so tired.

There is a peacock that roams the park grounds. We found him outside the cafeteria!

Mama gorilla snuggling with her baby gorilla. Aren't they cute?!?!


Woooooooie! Look how close they got!



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2 responses to “The Zoo!!

  1. Looks like so much fun! Those gorillas are cute – looks like M’s hair might be coming back in with that same reddish tinge? Cute!

  2. grandma

    Ah, an animal lover! We will have to fill the suet feeders so she has more buh-dees to watch! Thanks so much for sharing. xo xo

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