Physical Therapy Update

Look at the fishies!!

Today we had another PT appointment for Madeleine. She is now seeing her PT monthly, and she is doing great!! The written report we got after her last PT session said that she’d progressed from 7.5 month mobility to 9 months. Today I asked Leslie to estimate her mobility age and she said she’d guess 10-10.5 months! It’s actually a numeric scale she has to total up based on all of her skills, so we’ll find out for sure when the next written report comes in the mail. But by these estimations, she’s making a month – a month and a half worth of progress every month. I’m so glad to see progress happening so rapidly!

See?? She stands!

What is she doing these days?

  • She is a crawling pro! She zooms across our downstairs from the entry and her books to the back sliding door to look at buh-dies (birds) and then back again to play with her train or the DVD shelves, for example.
  • She is pulling up to a stand using her little activity table and the couches.
  • She is able to get up and down from standing, however she currently does it in a very awkward way in which she has little control. We will continue to urge her to do “squats” bending her knees to get down and using one leg in a 90 degree angle to push up to standing. This should give her better control.
  • She is using the couch to cruise. If she pulls up on one side of the couch, she’ll side step along to get to the other side. She’ll also turn around so her back is to the couch and stand without holding on, just leaning.
  • She’s doing what’s called a “bear” position. She puts her bottom up in the air with her legs straight and she’s in sort of an upside down V position. Her physical therapist said that this is good, because it will help her gain more strength in her hips. She also does it as a way to stand when she’s playing on the floor and using me as a jungle gym.

So, moving forward we are going to work on the way she gets from kneeling to standing and from standing down again to the floor so she’s doing it the right way. This will help strengthen her hips and pelvis and should help prepare her for walking.

We are also going to work on crawling up and down stairs. Why? Well, it will help work on those hip and pelvis muscles that need strengthening. It is also a bit of a safety measure, in case she somehow finds herself on stairs. This way she will know how to get down them safely.

The other interesting thing she mentioned is that M’s hips are low-tone. For this reason they appear very flexible to where she can roll over her hips in a center-splits position and then onto her tummy. Leslie told me that because of this, she probably would have been a late walker, anyhow. I guess that’s what mostly determines when kids walk – how much tone they have or don’t have and how much strengthening is then required to be able to walk. That’s why there’s such a huge range. Interesting, and not something I knew before.

Leslie also said that before our next visit in another month, we may see her be able to stand up on her own, without the use of a couch or table. 😀 So exciting!!!

The other thing Leslie told us that is very exciting is that M should definitely be able to walk, which she’s said before. However this time she said that given her strength at this point, she doesn’t believe she’ll have any noticeable disability when walking! So, nobody should be able to tell that she’s ever had any delay!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

All in all, it was a great day at PT for Madeleine! She did awesome and Leslie was happy to see all of the amazing progress she’s made this month.



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3 responses to “Physical Therapy Update

  1. what a great day!! can’t wait to see you guys soon so she can show me all her skills.

  2. grandma

    Magical miracle Madeleine- and mom! You and Alex have done so much to get her to this point- Great family! xoxo

  3. Kelly

    I have to agree with Grandma! You guys are fantastic! She’s such a little inspiration as are you and Alex.

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