I know I just posted about PT the other day, but I have more exciting news that I just can’t wait to share!

This past weekend, Alex swore to me that M stood up by herself. I didn’t believe him. I was sitting right there, but not watching her at the moment. She lost her balance and fell into my chest, but I thought she’d just used me to pull up like she normally does.

At PT, her physical therapist said we may see her stand up on her own over this next month. For some reason, I didn’t really believe it. But today, she did it again!!

We were playing on the floor and she used my leg to get into a squatting position, using my leg for stability. And then. Then she STOOD!! Her legs straightened most of the way and her arms were out to help her maintain balance and she held a standing position for a good 5 seconds while my mouth gaped open in shock!!!

I have tears in my eyes as I write this. A part of me never expected her to make so much progress. While I had hope that she would, I didn’t want to set my expectations too high. This little girl is just amazing and has such a spirit to move and progress.

And now, a photo because it was so cute. 🙂

Helping daddy eat his apple. She demanded it when she saw him eating it!



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3 responses to “Standing?


    Gooooo M!!!!!!!

  2. grandma

    Can hardly wait to see a video—you will have to hover over her until then! And congrats! xoxo

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