Play Date with the Twins!

On Friday Madeleine and I had been planing to go spend time with Dana and the twins and D and B for lunch, but due to some unforeseen circumstances we had to miss lunch. Lucky for us, we had some extra time that afternoon to drop by and say hello!

This was the first play date M has had since this whole “cancer” thing began. You see, I was so so nervous to have her out and exposed to any more than necessary. Not to mention, we were so tired and busy with doctor’s appointments that we didn’t really have time. Now that treatment is over, we can have play dates with kids who are fully vaccinated ((since Madeleine is not fully vaccinated yet)).

Madeleine has actually never officially met the twins. We’ve been over there before since the twins have arrived, but they were asleep. The twins were as cute as ever and it was a real jolt to me to see just how much M has grown since she was 6 months old.

So, here are the photos. šŸ™‚

"Why hello Kaylee! How do you do?"

"Kaylee, is that your nose?? I have one, too!"

Look! We can both stand!

Kaylee and D!

"hey! hey, over here!! Where's my food??"

"D, are you gonna protect me from her?? Her shrieking is making me nervous."

"Hey Ethan, you mind if we share your toy??"

All 3 kiddos at once!

Blake, Dana and their babies! The twins are officially 6 months old! šŸ˜€

Thanks for having us over Blana Twins ((and parents, too!)). We had lots of fun!


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One response to “Play Date with the Twins!

  1. it was awesome seeing you guys and M around other kiddos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

    i think her and Kaylee are kindred spirits šŸ™‚

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