Happy 16 Month Birthday!!

I must apologize, as this post is long overdue (8 days, to be exact). We have been quite busy at our house since I last posted, and then Madeleine got sick and now her daddy and I are sick. But I have been reminded by two people now that it has been forever since I last posted. So here we go!

16 Months!

Madeleine is now 16 months old. Her 16th month was an eventful one and we’ll cover all of her activities and events later on. For the time being, take a look to the right at her 16 month photo op. It’s the first time I’ve had someone else there (my mom) for a photo session, and M is getting quite wiggly these days which led to a near panic attack for my mother. Me? I’m used to her wiggly ways and know when she’s just testing me and when she’s about to take it too far.

What’s new this month?

  • As I posted about before, Madeleine has made great strides in both her crawling abilities and her standing abilities! She is crawling up (and mostly) able to crawl down the stairs. Although I am much less comfortable with her abilities to get down the stairs as she still sometimes tries to turn around and face forward. She’s also still working on standing and is much more stable than she had been when she pulls up using other things. She’ll let go sometimes. We have yet, however, to see her take any steps or attempt to take any steps on her own.
  • Her curiosity is taking off as well. She’s getting into cabinets and drawers in the kitchen all the time. Alex still hasn’t got all of the safety locks installed on the cabinets, so I’ve got a gate I use to block off the kitchen when I’m not in there to make sure she doesn’t get into anything bad. She always wants to know what you have and if she can have it and if it’s food, does it taste good? ((chances are, if it’s your meal, she will like it. If you make it for her and it’s the exact same thing, nope, no good)).
  • Which brings me to eating. We have a much pickier eater in the house these days. Meat is disgusting all of a sudden and veggies? BLECH! Except for broccoli and peas. She’ll eat those. Sometimes. She mostly prefers noodles and cheese and her breakfast cereal. Soup is still mystifying for her. I am trying to stop the pickiness, but I do worry about her eating enough. So, I keep trying. I’ve also found that if I feed her her least favorite foods first, she’ll eat them. So, we’ll start with veggies or meat and then go on to a fruit of some sort and then on to a carb of some sort. I’ve found that that works better for her.
  • Speaking of fruits, Madeleine has added a couple of fruits to her diet. She loves apples now and will gnaw on my banana if I’m eating one. She also had her first taste of berries and after some convincing, enjoyed those, too!
  • We have new words this month as well. M says: hi, bye bye, mama, dada, daddy, kitty, birdie, blue, book, up, yeah, and the sign language for milk, more and all done. She also is learning animal noises! She knows that bears, tigers, lions and any other animal that growls goes “rawwwwr” and she does it when we’re reading about them!  She also knows that ducks quack, owls hoo and cows moo. She Baaaaa’s like sheep and makes a number of other noises, too. It’s very cute.
  • We’re now down to nursing once a day. It happened without really trying because I cut out nursing before her naps and have also been focusing on eating healthier (fewer calories) and my milk supply has decreased a bit and so the one nursing session in the morning seems to do it. Then she drinks cow’s milk the rest of the day! This is good! I’m glad I didn’t have to go through her being super upset and complaining and crying about it.
  • She’s had her first cold this past week. She’s had a little congestion before, but not like this. She wakes up in the night coughing and her nose is running constantly. Poor baby. So we have the humidifier running whenever she’s in her room and hope that it’s helping. Otherwise there’s not much we can do to help her.
  • 2 more teeth (on the bottom front) have popped through finally!! So she was finally sleeping through the night again before this cold hit. I feel like once we get her sleep straightened out something else comes crashing in to disturb it.
  • Her naps are officially down to one a day. At first they were on the longer side (2.5-3 hours) but now they are rarely longer than 1.5-2 hours. Even with her being sick this week and more tired than normal, I cannot get her to sleep for a 2nd nap.  So, oh well.
  • Flirting is another skill you can add to Madeleine’s repertoire. She now plays peek-a-boo herself (i.e. covering her own eyes and having a big grin on her face when she removes the hands to you saying “peekaboo!!”) to delight viewers. She also has this little head tilt with a flirty eye thing that she does. Hard to describe, but she knows she’s being darling when she does it.
  • Madeleine had her monthly hem-onc appointment this month and there was nothing out of the ordinary to report. She had her first IV since her very first ER visit that was done without anesthesia! I was a bit of a nervous mama for that, but she handled it brilliantly, especially considering that they had to try a couple of times since baby veins are so hard. All of her numbers look great!!
  • The world of cartoons has now opened up to her. She didn’t watch ANY TV for a very long time, or at least, very very little. She still doesn’t watch a lot, but enjoys watching Despicable Me (the movie) on days she doesn’t feel good or is extra tired but won’t nap. She also greatly enjoys Mickey’s Clubhouse.
  • Balls are a new favorite toy! She just loves playing catch with us and has a variety of different balls to play with. Some small, some medium sized and some large. She also plays with them by herself, throwing them and then chasing them down to throw again.
  • Books continue to be a favorite, but now she will retrieve books from her book bin and bring them to me, climb into my lap and get read to. She loves that and it is really cute, too.
  • Right at the end of her 15th month, her grandparents (my parents) flew into Seattle for a quick visit! She got to spend some time with them doing fun things like going to the zoo, the butterfly exhibit at the Pacific Science Center, shopping and out to eat. I’ll post more about that in another post!

I think that’s about it for things that happened this past month. So, would you like some additional photos??

Ick!! What IS this mom?? ((blueberry))

Actually, these are pretty good!


Reading while waiting for her hem-onc appointment this month.

YAY for baths!

I even like to read in my room!

Helping daddy with work!

Out to dinner with the parents.

Getting re-introduced to grandpa! It's been 16 months since he's been back in Seattle. Yup, that's right...since she was born!


See my little monkey!!?!

That’s about it, folks!! Hope you enjoyed. I have several more blog posts to make here soon all about baby’s 2nd trip to the ER (what?!?! A 2nd!?!? Don’t worry, it ended up being fairly minor and she is fine now), her first real cold, my parents’ trip out to Seattle, and her first bath in the big bath tub.


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    I love our baby- and her baby!!! xo xo

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