Taking care of me!

Since having Madeleine, I’ve had a number of set-backs in terms of taking care of myself and my own health. First there was the breast-feeding issue where my milk would disappear if I tried to reduce my caloric intake. Awesome. Why couldn’t I be one of those lucky moms whose body didn’t care what their caloric intake was and kept producing milk regardless?? So, thanks to a couple of issues with milk disappearing and having to eat more than normal to get it going again, I gained some weight. With all of M’s cancer treatment, I didn’t have the time or energy to pay attention to or make healthy meals all of the time. So I gained some weight. Add this up over the course of about a year and, well, I gained a pretty significant amount of weight last year. I kept out-growing my clothes and was growing increasingly more self-conscious and upset about how I looked and felt.

Fast forward to now and I want to get healthy. I’m feeling determined and dedicated for a couple of reasons, and I finally feel like they’re the right reasons.

  1. I want to be healthy. Why? Well, I want to be able to walk up a flight of stairs without huffing and puffing. I want to reduce risks for cancer and other diseases which increase with weight gain and unhealthy diet/lack of exercise.
  2. I want to be a good role model for Madeleine. I want her to have a model of what it means to live a healthy lifestyle. I’ve never fully understood what it meant to eat a healthy diet, and I want to have the tools to make sure I’m instilling some sense of health in diet for Madeleine. I also don’t want to pass on my own body image issues to her. By this I mean, if I am struggling with my weight constantly – she’ll pick up on that and start to pick at herself and have her own issues with body image. There’s enough pressure in the world these days about body image without me reinforcing that negativity to her.
  3. I want to feel strong. That’s right! I want to feel like I can get out there and not be limited by my lack of physical ability. I love feeling strong and have missed that part of being in good shape! When I’m not strong my back tends to get sore and ache more. My knees have issues. Etc etc.

So, there you have it. I’ve made the commitment and thus far, have stuck to it!! What is my plan??

Well, I started with exercise about 6 weeks ago or so. Since I haven’t had time to get to the gym since Alex is so busy with work and school, I’ve been using workout DVD’s at home. But 4 weeks ago I started the Slim in 6 program. It’s an at-home DVD program promising to get you lean and toned in just 6 weeks. I’m smart enough to know that I’m going to need more than 6 weeks to hit my goals, but I’m well on my way! I spent an extra week with the 2nd of the 3 disks because I was pretty out of shape and it was still quite hard for me. I’m now on the 3rd disk and can definitely feel myself getting stronger!

Next, I purchased a book called “This Is Why You’re Fat – and how to get thin forever” by Jackie Warner. ((You can find it on Amazon if you’re interested)) I know, the title turns a lot of people off, but it drew me in – actually. I wanted to know the research behind WHY I was overweight. Why my eating habits were so bad. Why was her plan going to work? And it was just exactly that. She explained a lot of the research behind different hormones, organ function, etc and what foods do what to affect them in a positive or negative way.

So, I did her 2 week sugar detox because, as I learned, I was addicted to sugar. And now I’m following her daily eating guidelines and am doing very well! My cravings for sugar are far less and are typically satisfied by my daily allowance for fruit. Best of all, they are easy guidelines to live by and something I don’t doubt I can keep up forever.

Combined with my exercise regimen I have already lost 11lbs in 3 weeks and 4 inches!! Pretty impressive for me, since no plan I’ve ever tried has combined both the diet and exercise and seen results this good, this fast.

The only down side is that my milk supply has taken a hit, but Madeleine doesn’t seem super bothered by it. Now we just nurse once a day in the morning and mama ((that’s me))  is getting healthy!



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4 responses to “Taking care of me!

  1. 11 lbs is so awesome! great job!! i was just actually talking to someone last night about sugar detox, might have to give it a try!

  2. grandma

    You are so right, parents model behavior and attitude all the time without even realizing it. We are very happy you are geting healthy-you inspire us!

  3. Kelly

    YAY! Great work, Heather!

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