A visit from grandma and grandpa!

My parents came into town about 2 weeks ago and were able to spend a long weekend here. It’s the first time since Madeleine was born that my dad has been able to see her here in Seattle. Otherwise, he last saw her when we were in Chicago last summer. Because of that, I wanted this trip to be full of fun activities for Madeleine to do with her grandparents since they don’t get to see her much.

Their first day here was a half-day so we just played with M so they could see her progress with her movement and she could get used to them.

Meal time!

Time to show them how I climb!

Story time!

Then, the next day we went to the zoo!! Madeleine loves the zoo and I knew my parents would enjoy seeing all of the animals and Madeleine’s reactions to them as well.

Upon arrival, mommy gets a kiss before we head into the zoo!

The leopard was sitting still for the first time!! And it was close!

On the way in to the tropical exhibit.

See the Tucan?

Three generations! (with birds flying around us)

The gorillas were out sunning themselves!

See the cluster of gorillas?

Grandpa and baby girl!

See the giraffes?

"Look at the hawk!!"

The historic carousel. Wheee!

Then it was time for lunch! Madeleine got to have some Chinese food which she was iffy on, but ate a decent lunch anyhow.

The next morning we met my parents at their hotel ((yes, I know. Why don’t they stay with us? Answer: We have a small house and no guest room)) where they had a pool!! We had breakfast and then Alex and M changed into their swimsuits. Everything was peaceful at first. Then daddy decided to do a big cannon ball into the pool which totally freaked her out. I don’t know if it was the noise or if it was him disappearing under water, but from that point forward, she was shrieking and SO upset. She got to dip in the water and then my mom and I rushed her off to the hotel room to calm her down, which took a while. Poor baby.


Gotta get ready!


The next day, or was it later that day? I can’t remember. But we went to the park. Normally Madeleine loves to swing, but we haven’t been in a few months because of the chilly weather. I’m not sure if the cold air was the reason for her unhappiness, but swinging didn’t last long since she got upset. But we did manage to have her walk around with our help for a little bit before heading back to the house.

YAY!! Walking!

The next day we went to the Pacific Science Center to see their butterfly house. This was really cool! There were butterflies all over and they fly free around the room amongst all of the flowers and trees! So many different varieties and Madeleine kept pointing and saying “buh-dies!” LOL She’s a bit too young to differentiate between birds and butterflies. πŸ˜‰

With Grandpa!

It landed on my shoe!

Standing so she could see one near the ground


With grandma!

The grandparents

Then we wandered around other parts of the Science Center. Through the dinosaur exhibit, the little critters. Madeleine thought this was very neat also! She growled at the dinosaurs, too. LOL

See the snake?? Whooaaa!

Mama love!

Then we met up with daddy for dinner and Madeleine got to eat spaghetti. She loved it. But that wasn’t really a surprise to me. πŸ™‚


This was the last full day of the trip, and unfortunately, it ended at the ER. 😦 I will make a separate post about that, but it was so nice to have my parents here and be able to do all of these fun things with Madeleine!!


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