“One Big Kiss”

KISS 106.1, a local radio station here, was doing a telethon over the last two days. It’s called the “One Big Kiss Telethon” and all monies donated go to Seattle Children’s Hospital. To the uncompensated care fund, which pays for medical treatment for families who don’t have insurance or can’t afford treatment so that no child goes without care. Amazing!

I wasn’t aware of it yesterday, but listened almost all day today. A friend (thanks Jamie!) alerted me to it this morning and it is an amazing event hosted by Jackie and Bender, who host the morning show on KISS. We donated our portion and I called in to share Madeleine’s story of hope and miracles – in the hopes that other people would be inspired to donate because of the amazing work that the doctors, nurses, physical therapists and surgeons do at Children’s.

One goal I have in parenting Madeleine is to teach her that community service and giving is very important. That being selfless and giving back are humbling experiences and only good can come from that. So, as the years go on, I want to keep Madeleine involved in activities every so often so she can see how she can serve in her community. For that reason, we drove over to Seattle Children’s this afternoon to go see the telethon and introduce her to Jackie and Bender. I figure, as the years go on, she can start getting involved in volunteering to help with the telethon. Unfortunately Bender was busy, but we did get to talk to Jackie and share her story a bit more. We also got to take pictures with Jackie! Madeleine was being silly and shy though. She looked awfully disgruntled by all of the people and commotion, which was actually quite hilarious.

From my cell phone. Madeleine with Jackie. Look at her face!! LMAO!

Courtesy of the the KISS 106.1 website

She kept giving her doggie kisses. 😀

We were trying to get her to do something cheerful. LOL It didn't work.

Thanks so much to KISS 106.1 for running this telethon for 10 years! Thanks to all of the volunteers and people who contributed to an incredible cause!



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3 responses to ““One Big Kiss”

  1. grandma

    Thanks for tellling us about it. We enjoyed being able to participate even from a distance! And it is great to contribute to such an incredible organization, after visiting both the HEMOC and emergency room with you. xoxo

  2. Jamie

    So glad you guys were able to make it down there!!

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