Madeleine’s 2nd ER Visit

On February 20th, Madeleine took her second trip to the ER. You see, she’d been awfully backed up (in the digestion type of way) for a few days.  On the 19th I gave her juice with lunch in the hopes of getting things moving. I thought it’d worked, as she had a number of bowel movements that day. But on Sunday she was all backed up again, and when she finally did go that night – there was a lot of blood. A lot. 😦 So I called her pediatrician’s nurses line to see what I should do and they directed me to the ER. Off we went!

Alex had homework he had to finish, so my parents went with me so that I wouldn’t be alone.  It was actually nice, because once the charge nurse came out to note down the details of why we were there and I told her she was a hem-onc patient, they rushed us back to a room. 😀 As Alex said later “That’s good. I think we’ve earned it.” True! It was especially nice because there were TONS of sick kids in the waiting room.  A huge rush came in right as we did, so we were only waiting before being taken back for about 15 minutes, max.

After being examined by a med student and two doctors, we were released with a prescription for Miralax (which we already have because of the constipation that happens during chemo) and told to keep her bottom VERY clean to prevent any infection. She had tears, aka fissures, down there because of all of the straining. 😦

So, while sad, they said that it is not uncommon in babies and they weren’t concerned. Phew! See?? I told you it wasn’t a big deal!

Sooooo tired (since it was 9:30 or 10:00) that she slept on the way home.

The only real bummer about the ER is that those 15 minutes exposed her to a yucky cold, so she has had her first official cold! It’s brought a nose that runs like a river, a little cough which is now breaking up and just general grumpiness for a few days. Overall though, she’s doing just fine!

During the height of the cold, M cuddled with daddy while watching a movie.

And again...daddy and baby were both feeling yucky


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  1. So sorry you landed in the ER, but I’m glad everything is okay. We STILL use Miralax for Mad even though she has been out of chemo for over two years. I don’t know if it’s lasting effects, or just her…

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