A Real Bath!

That’s right! Up until now, Madeleine had still been taking her baths in her baby tub.

Why? Because I was nervous with her not able to sit up reliably on her own (without tipping backwards) that it’d be even harder for her in the bath tub and she’d flip backwards and bang her head.

I'm sorta happy, mom! (and don't worry, Alex was right there in case she started to tip!!)

After her debacle at the pool, I decided that she is definitely stable enough, and needs to get used to a little bit larger body of water. I figured the big bath tub was a logical step! 🙂 So, a week ago I drew a bath in the big tub while Alex got her ready for the bath and in she went!

She was far from pleased at first. In fact, she cried as he approached the tub with her. But we gave her her favorite penguin tub toy and she calmed down shortly thereafter. Although she still was very rigid and nervous seeming.

After the bath Alex showed her how the tub drains and she started waving at the water as it went down the drain and then she said “bye bye” for the first time! “Ba ba” “ba ba” 😀 It was precious!

Bye bye water!

Now that it’s been a week, if she’s having a rough night she’ll sometimes still get scared, but she calms down and is actually a lot more relaxed about it. Progress!!

Since we want to get her swimming in a pool by this spring/summer, we’ll keep working with her on it. Stay tuned for a repeat pool swimming attempt!


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One response to “A Real Bath!

  1. grandma

    I say before a big pool experience again, let’s get her a little wading pool for the backyard…. 🙂

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