Quick Communication Update

As I’ve been posting for the last several months during Madeleine’s birthday posts, Madeleine has been working on her speech.

For a month or two there, I was worried she wasn’t talking enough – but now she’s gaining words and her ability to communicate is becoming much easier for her!

An example? Well, she had been getting thirsty throughout the day while playing (instead of simply at meals and nursing times like before) so she would crawl over to me and start screaming. I had no idea what she wanted at first, but after some trial and error, I figured it out. She wanted milk. We’ve been working on getting her to use her sign language, at the very least, so we know if she wants milk or water and if she’s all done or wants more. But we’re also working on the spoken words for these things.

She has now started patting her face with her hand over her mouth when she wants water! Very close to the actual sign, which is the three middle fingers tapped on your chin. Often times she makes this sign to mean she’s thirsty and then I ask what she wants making the sign for water and milk and she’ll then make the sign for what she wants. πŸ˜€ Very cool! It’s really neat to see her making choices and communicating them to me!

She also now says “bye bye” as I posted about in her bath post. Just the other day when we were reading her book, she pointed to the ball in the picture and said “baa”. πŸ˜€ She also repeats “baa” over and over again when we’re playing catch with her ball. So, I think it’s safe to say she has the word “ball” down.

Then tonight she started saying “bab-tth” while she was in the bath. I’ve also been working with her on the word “moon” and I point out the different moons in her bed time stories. Tonight she pointed at it and I said “that’s the moon”. She said “mmmuhh” and I said “mooooooon” and then she said it! She said “moooon!” She then repeated it several other times.

Another thing she’s figured out that we’ve taught her recently is blowing kisses! She now does it quite frequently if we blow kisses to her. πŸ˜€ The cutest thing about this is sometimes she mixes up peekaboo and blowing kisses and ends up putting one hand over one eye and then pulling it away like she’s blowing a kiss, only her hand is over her eye! LMAO! Adorable.

We have several more words/sign language words in just the last week or so! This time in her development is simply amazing.

((so I suppose this update hasn’t been that quick, sorry!!))


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  1. Haha quick is relative! Fun with signing can’t wait till she can just babble all o er the place!

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