The Seattle Children’s Museum

Now that Madeleine is done with treatment and her blood counts are back to normal, we’ve been getting out more to do more things. I want her to get used to being around other people and I want her to know how to socialize with other kiddos. In recent weeks she is getting much more hesitant around strangers. I can only assume this is because she’s not seeing doctors constantly anymore.

So, I started looking for some weather friendly activities since we’re in the rainy season. Ahh, who am I kidding!?!? Nearly all year is the rainy season in Seattle! But, this time of year is especially rainy. In my search I came upon the Seattle Children’s Museum. It sounded like great fun for her! Today we headed out there to meet up with Helen and Ender (17 months old) who we first met in our childbirth class.

The museum was cool! There were tons of different zones with different themes. And overall, it was a great little place for kids to have fun and explore. My only complaint is that the site says it is acceptable for children 9 months and older. And, while I did find things for M to do, it was sort of hard. A lot of the things they had required the child to be able to walk and stand independently. If you’re thinking about taking your child here, I’d definitely recommend you wait until they can run around and explore independently. The floor wasn’t the cleanest around the different exhibits where the exhibit met the floor. I was a little leery of M crawling around unless she was in the middle of the floor. For a walking child, this isn’t a big deal, I guess.

Things she was able to do? Bang on pots and pans (we do this at home), play with balls (but we do this at home also…soo??), feel different types of food (plastic replicas), stand at the little “river” and look at the boats, attend story time (I can do this for free at the library), bang on a wooden xylophone and some drums, and play with a few different block/shape type things (also things we have at home). She adored their fish tank, too! I think this solidifies that she’s a zoo type of girl. All  or most of the things we don’t have at home, she wasn’t really able to enjoy since she’s so little. It was interesting to go and see what they have to offer though.

And now, here are photos of her day!

With Ender

Makin' music!


In the construction zone!

M and Ender at story time. Yes, she crawled up closer all on her own! She LOVES story time. I think she had the most fun during this activity.

See? Loves it!

She was even climbing on the story teller. Eep! I was a little embarrassed, as all of the other kids were sitting quietly and listening.

Telling me she's thirsty. 😀

See her little clover? That was her admission stamp.

And there ya have it! We had a nice time seeing Ender and Helen, but  we’ll wait to go back until M is walking. 🙂


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  1. grandma

    But she was around others, we got to see more photos, and look at how thick her hair is getting!! And a gorgeous color too! xo xo

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