The Hot Dog Dance!

In the last month or so, Madeleine has been allowed to watch a little bit of cartoons or a cartoon movie.  Typically on days she doesn’t feel well or is extra tired since she’s still having a bit of a tough time with only one nap, but refuses to take two. One of her very favorites is Mickey. She adores Mickey and a huge smile spreads across her face when she hears the hot dog dance song. So, we captured it on video the other day for your entertainment.

Click here to see it!! **Oh, and ignore how destroyed the living room is. That’s how it looks after a typical day in the Tomlin house. She can destroy our poor living room in about 15 minutes flat, and yes, I do pick it up throughout the day.



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2 responses to “The Hot Dog Dance!

  1. grandma

    I think I know someone who is going to love Disneyland! She is priceless!

  2. omg – i am just today getting a chance to watch that video. Literally laughed out loud. awesome.

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