She said what?!

I feel like we’re ramping it up on the vocab these days. She’s starting to successfully imitate me more and more.

The other day we were hanging out looking at birdies and I was just chatting with her and said “that’s right, mama’s a smart cookie”. All of a sudden “gookie” came flying out of her mouth. WHAT!? She proceeded to crawl around for the next 15-20 minutes saying “gookie” over and over again. Where did that come from?

Then, the same night Alex and I were discussing the nuclear plants in Japan and he was explaining how the plants work and what can/cannot be done to try and cool it down at this point. I wasn’t understanding a certain specific thing and then all of a sudden it clicked and I said “Ding ding ding!!” Out of nowhere, Madeleine said “Dee dee dee!” Alex and I both looked at each other and burst into laughter.

Other words she’s working on? Moon, cheese, bath (with the “th” sound more clear) and snack. I also think she’s working on balloon. When she sees the red balloon in “Goodnight Moon” she says something starting with a B that sounds like she’s trying to figure out the word balloon. She has “quack” down and says it when she sees a duck. She says bye bye all the time now. I know I’m forgetting others. Every day she says something new, it seems. And any time she sees a ball, she just has to tell me about it! Her fascination with them is so amusing to me.

C’mon word explosion!



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2 responses to “She said what?!

  1. acesmommy

    YAY, M! Such a fun phase, I can’t wait for it again. 🙂 I love looking back at my blogs where I kept track of all of Aiden’s new words and how he said them.

  2. grandma

    And yet she won’t say grandma? From one who remains nameless…

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