Happy 17 Month Birthday!

17 Months!

Yup, we’re one month shy of having a 1.5 year old! She is getting so big and growing so fast, both mentally and size-wise. In fact, between her last two hem-onc appointments, she grew a whole inch. She’s pretty much just maintaining her weight  at about 22.5 lbs – which means she is thinning out.

We are getting close to transitioning her to the 18 month clothing. She is wearing some of the 18 month pajamas, but they are a bit too big. That’s a bummer because the 12 month pajamas are definitely getting too short.

The dress she’s wearing in the photos from her 17 month photo session was made with love and given to her by B and D for her first birthday. It was a gorgeous spring day, so I found it fitting for her photo shoot. 🙂

This month has been filled with fun things for her, most of which has already been posted about.

  • Madeleine participated in her first fundraiser for Children’s Hospital and went on a play date at the Children’s Museum.
  • In terms of her communication, she is growing by leaps and bounds! Every day there is a new word. Some words she really grabs onto and repeats tons, and others we’ve only heard once. But here is the list: mama, dada, bye bye, hi, daddy, kitty, puppy, birdie, blue, book, up, yes, snack, duck, bath, bubbles, balloon, moon, peas, shoe, cheese, dirty, papa (for grandpa), teeth, bath, cookie, pink and the sign language for milk, thirsty, more and all done. I think that’s all of the words!!
  • The sign language she doesn’t always use correctly, but she usually pats her face for thirsty and then will follow it up with the milk sign to tell me she wants milk. However sometimes she’ll make the milk sign furiously just when she wants something she can’t say…like when she wants me to read her another story before bed.
  • Her use of bye bye is comical. She definitely knows what it means and definitely uses it to dismiss people. Our waiter at dinner last weekend – for example. When she was done interacting with him she’d wave and say “bah bah”. Haha! Peace out, waiter!! I was leaving to go to the grocery store and Alex was staying with her and she suddenly looked at me and said “bah bah” and waved.  So I left (laughing to myself at our daughter’s big personality) and Alex said as soon as the door closed, she went about her business. This is a big deal, you see, because we used to have to distract her while I ran out the door. The separation anxiety would cause her to go crazy screaming after I left.
  • As far as her movement, she is still doing about the same as she was before. I can see little bits of progress, but they are subtle. She is still not walking on her own and has not taken independent steps. She is a very fast crawler, though. I’ve had a couple of people comment on how fast she is. She still stands up and is working on standing quite a bit. She’s now cruising on everything! From the couch to the end table to the other couch. Along the cabinets and refrigerator. On the dining room chairs, the baby gate in front of the entertainment center – you name it! This is one of the subtle differences: she cruises on things that are harder to grab on to, so she doesn’t need as much support. I have seen her attempt to move her foot when she’s standing, but she gets wobbly and falls down.
  • Her crawling these days has developed a funny little quirk to it. Instead of always staying on her hands and knees, she sometimes brings her right foot up while her left knee stays on the ground. Maybe it’s a sign that she wants to move to her feet?
  • I purchased a little mini-wagon for her with a cross bar handle after a suggestion was made by her physical therapist that something like that would be a great tool for her to get more confidence with taking steps. After an initial dislike of the new wagon, she has since explored it further and decided that it is an acceptable toy. In fact, she really takes off with it! So she has to be supervised when it’s not pushed against a wall, because otherwise it gets rolling too fast and she can’t keep up.
  • Pots and pans and a wooden spoon entertain her a lot when I’m working in the kitchen. She loves it!! She seems to really love anything she can make noise with, so this is a perfect “toy” for her.
  • In the eating arena, she is doing fantastically! She’s had some new things this month, and some new obsessions. Oranges are definitely an obsession. She also really enjoyed peaches, kiwi, strawberries, a variety of beans and really enjoyed the little taste of cookies that her dad shared with her this week. Every time I’d walk into the kitchen after that, she would follow me saying “gookie!” Ha!
  • We’re still struggling with getting her to eat meat. She loved some BBQ chicken that I ordered for her at dinner last weekend. I think that was because it was covered in a delicious sauce, though. I am getting good at finding ways to hide veggies in our meals so that she is more likely to eat those. But so far she’s doing pretty well eating spinach, green beans, carrots (cooked), broccoli, peas (she loves peas), potatoes. She still refuses cauliflower and asparagus every time.
  • Madeleine’s first molars are coming in. Tooth number 9 is in and number 10 is almost there. That’s definitely made for a few miserable days this week. Poor baby. 😦
  • We are working with Madeleine on colors and shapes. She has a wooden cut-out puzzle with different shapes and colors for each shape. She also has a shape sorter that she is slowly figuring out. 🙂
  • She still adores reading and protests bed time now, because she doesn’t want the books to stop. I’ve been pointing things out in the book pictures to help her start identifying things. She can now identify the kitties, red balloon, toy house, and mouse in Goodnight Moon, the moon in just about any book. She also imitates a lot of different sounds. She can moo, quack, growl, tock (from tick tock) and knock, boom, pop, baa like a sheep, – and I’m sure there are others I’m missing.
  • Her hem-onc appointment went very well again this month. Nothing to report – as all of her numbers still look good and she handled the IV again brilliantly! No crying this time at all.
  • She still loves playing with any ball and loves playing catch. She knows how to work the gum ball machine I bought for her, which has smaller balls that she puts back in and then pushes the lever to watch them come back out.
  • I also bought her a baby doll recently that makes noises and has a bottle attached to the arm which she can move to “feed” the baby. She loves this baby doll and takes care of her every day.
  • Other toy favorites? Her stuffed animals, Sophie the giraffe, her shape sorter, the cat, her corn popper (which she uses while sitting) and blocks.
  • Speaking of blocks, she has now started stacking two blogs and putting together two, three and four duplos in series.

I think that’s about it for the month! This is a super fun age, as she’s growing and learning new things every day and it is really amazing to watch. 🙂 For now, I need to get to bed, but I will upload photos from her photo shoot tomorrow!



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2 responses to “Happy 17 Month Birthday!

  1. Yay, I’m glad she’s getting big enough to fit into the dress (since the pattern was advertised as a 2T but with my beginner sewing skills who KNOWS what size it is, lol). Can’t wait to see the rest of the pics 🙂

  2. grandma

    She is just priceless-and her hair is nice, getting longer, and a gorgeous color! Love her, love you. Maybe at 24 months she will have a word for grandma? xoxo

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