17 Month Photos

As promised, here are the photos from Madeleine’s 17th month.

Helping daddy study

At dinner with mom and dad "ahh, what to drink??"

Her first experience with play doh (home made play doh at that!)

It was rather sticky though. Hmmm

Agghhh! It's stuck on my hand!

Sleepy girl

Very excited about coloring

She makes the goofiest faces.

The fish face is a favorite

Feeding the baby doll!

Her gum ball machine!

Makin' music

With her little wagon

She likes to pretend our house is her own personal jungle gym.

Lovin' the sock monkey!


Look at her neck!!! She definitely has her daddy's neck.


PEEK-A-BOO! Which reminds me, she adores playing peek-a-boo these days, but is a total cheater and peeks through her fingers at you. LOL!

Isn't she sweet? 🙂

"OK mom, I'm done! Really. Done."

And last, but not least….

My favorite of the day 🙂


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