Our little gymnast

A couple of months ago, Alex showed Madeleine how she could somersault. As in – he helped her fold herself over, tuck her head and flip! In the last couple of weeks, we have noticed her at random times like this:

After seeing it once or twice, I figured it out. She is trying to somersault all on her own! She just doesn’t quite have the oomph yet to get her legs up over her head, so she needs a little assistance. It is the cutest thing! She squeals, and sometimes does it over and over again. So, last weekend I took a little video. She had actually done it several times already before I started taking the video, so you are seeing her on somersault 5 and 6, I believe.

To see the video *click here*


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  1. grandma

    This was great! And can’t figure out who was happiest- mom, dad, or baby! xo xo j

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