Random Talking News


Aside from the walking, Madeleine is making progress with her vocabulary by leaps and bounds. As a recap, at 17 months, she had these words: mama, dada, bye bye, hi, daddy, kitty, puppy, birdie, blue, book, up, yes, snack, duck, bath, bubbles, balloon, moon, peas, shoe, cheese, dirty, papa (for grandpa), teeth, bath, cookie, pink and the sign language for milk, thirsty, more and all done.

She has gotten much better at daddy and can now say mommy. She also just says me, banana, mickey, monkey, baby, top, sock, ball. She is working on teddy bear. I know she has more words than that at this point, but I am completely blanking on them now.

"baaooo" (Balloon)

We’e also working on her alphabet! She can say a number of different letters now, when prompted by us. Although “A” still confuses her. As does “E”. Whenever we say “eeee” she makes her mouth into a big O and says “ooooooooo”.  That is pretty funny!

However, the most notable language difference is her use of 2 word phrases! She has said “blue ball” and also “top teeth”. 🙂 She even does it with sign language! She will sign “more milk” now.

And I must say, she is one of the noisiest kids ever. People often stare at us in the stores, because if she sees something she likes, like a ball, she’ll start screaming out “ba! ba! ba! ba!” So silly!


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