Sick house

We officially have a sick house.

I came down with a cold about 2 weeks ago, but was over it by the end of the week. Now, suddenly, Madeleine has a cold, I have a cold and Alex has a cold. What a pain in the neck!!

Add to it that Madeleine was finally able to get her vaccinations (5 shots at one time!) so she was feeling pretty darn miserable for a couple of days because of that, too.

This has induced lots of cuddle time and family movie time, seeing as how none of us feel all that great. I’m not complaining about cuddle time, though. Because – you see – Madeleine has never been huge on the snuggling front. So when we get these rare opportunities to cuddle, we take full advantage. 😀

At the beginning of it

She woke up very, very sad one morning


😦 It was a very sad and pathetic moment. Although daddy seems to be enjoying it. LOL


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  1. grandma

    Just so precious with daddy consoling baby. xo xo

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