Walkin’ around the ‘hood

**Yes, I know I’m quite late on the birthday post, but I have to compile and organize the photos. That will happen tomorrow, hopefully**

Today was quite nice out, and since Madeleine is more mobile I decided perhaps a little bit of walking around would be fun for her. It started on our way home from the grocery store when I let her walk from the cart drop-off area back to the car while holding my hand. She loved that. So then when we got home I let her hold my hand and walk from the car to the front door. So then I thought, “why not let her walk to the sidewalk and back a little bit?” She loved it, but I had to bring her in and put away the refrigerated groceries. We also needed to put sunscreen on her and let that soak in. After a snack and sunscreen application, out we went again!


When we first went back out, we decided to go get the mail. My mom said she’d sent something for Madeleine, so I figured it was perfect timing to check.

Look mom, I got my Easter card!

She still seemed to have plenty more energy to go out and walk some more, so off we went. We walked up and down our street a couple of times while waiting for daddy to come home, and then we walked to the park after he arrived! Madeleine used to love swinging, you see, but in more recent months she gets scared. We first tried in the infant swing. She tolerated it, but got really scared and we thought it was mean, so we took her out after just a minute.

"uhhhhhhhhh, dad?"

Alex then took her to the big people swing and rode with her. She seemed a little happier with that, but was gripping on to him for dear life, so we eventually gave up on that, too. I have a feeling she is not going to be the dare devil child her daddy is hoping for. Ha!

Aren't they the cutest?

Overall, a fun afternoon for her to get out of the house and work off some energy in the nice weather. She actually got really upset when we came inside. Haha! We’re hoping tonight that she sleep well, since we’ve had a bunch of rough nights this week with her teething.


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