A Year and a Half

18 Months!

We have reached Madeleine’s half birthday! Amazing.

She has had a lot going on this month with doctor’s appointments, including her 18 month well-child check-up with her regular pediatrician.  According to their measurements she was 22lbs 8oz (unclothed. She was clothed in her last weight check at hem-onc) so she still hasn’t really gained much of any weight since the whole steroid crazy weight gain. She also somehow shrank by half an inch. (I kid, I kid). Length is notoriously inaccurate at this age. They measured her at 31″ in length, but she was 31.5″ at hem-onc a couple of weeks ago. Both of her measurements put her in the 25-50%, which is great. That means she’s well-proportioned and Dr. George was quite happy with that.

After going over all of her “what is she doing now” type questions, she is right on the mark, if not advanced, developmentally. Most notably, we discussed that her movement is catching up to where she should be because SHE’S WALKING NOW!!! (I know, I can’t get over it). She even walked for Dr. George, which he loved. He also mentioned that her language development is quite a bit above where a lot of kids are for 18 months. He said that normally 2 word phrases don’t start until age 2, but she already has a couple of them. It’s exciting to know that she’s ahead of schedule in this area, because I was worried for a while that there’d be some learning delays from all her time in the hospital.

The other noteworthy thing that happened at this appointment was: Vaccines! Since she is able to finally get her vaccines for the first time since she was 9 months old, we went ahead and got her all caught up. Dr. George said his max. is normally 5 shots, and that’s how many she was due for. It ended up being immunizations for like 9 or 10 different things, but only 5 pokes. She was pretty miserable for the next day or so, but has fully recovered now.

What else has happened for her during her 17th month?

  • She is now WALKING!!!! Yup, I know you know that already, but it is so huge, I figured it should be first on the list.
  • In terms of movement, she is also doing some other new things. She is knee walking. I assume she does this because she feels more comfortable with that than with always walking, since she’s still fairly unsteady on her feet.
  • She is also doing this crazy hand/feet walking. Imagine she has her bottom up in the air and her arms and legs are fully extended. Then she proceeds to walk on her hands and feet forward to whatever she is trying to reach. I call it her crab walk.
  • Thanks to her increasing height and mobility, she is now into EVERYTHING. Even things that were previously too tall of her to reach, she is getting in to. Like the TV console. She can now reach over the gate and pulls stuff off of it. Remotes, my glasses. Water glasses. I am running out of hiding places for things that she can’t get! She’s also into the little tray on our entry table, pulling my keys out constantly to play with. Not so great when you’re trying to leave the house and cannot find your keys! But she thinks it’s fantastic.
  • Her vocabulary is expanding every day. I have 50 words in her word list, but I know that I am missing some because she says new ones every day. I would guess that she’s got closer to 60 or 65 words. Compared to last month, she has more than doubled her words! Just yesterday she started saying bunny (we have a wild bunny who hangs out in our back yard/our neighbor’s back yard eating plants and grass). She also just started saying “binky” tonight. And she is getting much better at pronouncing the words. Bath now has a very clear “th” sound on the end. Bye has a very clear “eye” sound on the end, instead it used to just be “ba”, for example.
  • I bought her a number of different puzzles and “mind exercise” type games this month. She is already getting much better at them! Things include stacking wooden shapes on different numbers of pegs, fitting shapes into wooden cut-out puzzles, and stacking rings.
  • Musicality is a force to be reckoned with in this house, too. She has a mini-piano, wooden drum and wooden xylophone. She loves all three and plays them regularly.
  • We’re still doing well with her appetite and eating new things. Her most recent addition to her diet is brussel sprouts. She loves them, which I was a little bit shocked by. But she often surprises me with what she likes and dislikes. Her daddy also fed her Kimchee the other night. For those of you that aren’t aware of what this food is, it’s pickled cabbage slathered in red hot chili pepper sauce. Yes, you read that right. But Madeleine adores it. She gobbles it down. And yes, daddy gets to change those diapers the next day! EW.
  • Reading continues to be quite fun for her. She is very good at pointing things out in her books and has even learned the word “mouse” from Goodnight Moon.
  • Madeleine got to go down to Olympia and see Alex’s family for his brother’s birthday dinner. She really enjoyed that and they all got a kick out of being able to see her walk.
  • We also had Alex’s mom up to visit this past month, so she got to spend some time with Madeleine as well.
  • Coloring is super fun for her now. When we go out to eat and she sees the crayons, she even says “color! color!”
  • We are slowly introducing the potty to her. And by slowly I mean, if I need to go to the bathroom I’ll sit her on the potty (clothed) while I sit on the big potty, just to get her used to seeing it.
  • She is currently cutting her 11th and 12th teeth. Molars on the top. This has made for a miserable week with a very fussy, very tired baby. Especially in combination with her cold remnants. She is not sleeping well at night and has fallen asleep on me while we’re downstairs playing in the morning. As opposed to the first set of molars that came in one and then the other, providing her with a brief break between them – these two are coming in simultaneously, providing very little relief from the pain. One tooth is 3/4 of the way through, the other 1/2 way through.
  • She’s also been recovering from yet another cold. She seems to be feeling better from the cold itself and no longer has a cough, but those darn runny noses take forever to clear up. Ick.
  • Before bed we have started picking up her toys together. I have her focus on putting her duplos back into the duplo bin while I pick up most other things, but I’m sure this will start planting the seeds for her to know she needs to pick up after herself.
  • Imaginative play has officially started. She pretends to call people on the cell phone. She pretends to feed her baby as well. And just today she tried to share her string cheese with her stuffed monkey! (not the sock monkey, a different one)
Otherwise, not a ton that’s exciting happened this month. We’re hoping the yucky weather disappears for good soon so we can go outside and play more frequently! But she is certainly as cute as ever, so I’ll share some photos!

Yes, that's salami on my head.

Look at her medical file! Wowza.

Bang bang bang!

"Hello? Who's there?"

Look at those eyes!

Hi Uncle Trevor!

Looking at lights with grandpa Steve.

Hi mommy!

She has discovered the window, and can see over the ledge now.

Very pleased with herself. ha!

She climbs. OYE!

Getting very sleepy

And, she's out! For those of you who know her, this is very very rare for her to fall asleep like this, so we know she's exhausted. If only she'd sleep later.

Duplo time! She loves playing with duplo creations.


Asleep on me again!!

Working hard on her puzzle

Look at how flexible she is!

Feeding her monkey a string cheese

Grandma Karli, Alex and Madeleine

Outtakes from her birthday photo. She was so happy at her daddy's silly game, it made it really tough to choose one.

Another cute smile

Look at that smile!

Such a sweet girl

That daddy, he is so funny!

A classic Madeleine face! I couldn't leave it out.


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  1. yum, brussels sprouts! also, cute photo of her and trevor 🙂

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