Egg Hunt 2011

Last year we didn’t really celebrate Easter with Madeleine. She wasn’t really old enough to appreciate an egg hunt, so I figured we’d wait. And let’s face it – we all know we’re not really a religious family – so the commercial aspect of the holiday is pretty much it for us. Time to do fun activities and spend time as a family. And fun was had, that’s for sure!

We started with Easter baskets. What Alex didn’t know was that I put together a fun little basket for him, too. It’s not often I get to surprise him with little things like that because he normally figures me out, and it was awesome to see the surprise on his face.

Alex's on the left, Madeleine's on the right. And no, she didn't get all of that candy!

The happy husband with his basket. 🙂

Madeleine thought that her chocolate bunny was so neat. She wouldn’t let go of it, in fact. 🙂

What are those, daddy?

Look at her face! LMAO!

She even got a little bite of chocolate.

Then it was time for the great egg hunt of 2011! (All 6 eggs of it) Madeleine was quite impressive and got the hang of it very quickly.  After just a couple of eggs when I told her it was time to move on and find another egg, she would start crawling after me very quickly. She was excited!

See the crab walk?

Egg #1!

Puff snacks inside. Yay!

I found another one!

I'm going to get it. Mwahaha!

Stay tuned for more Easter photos in later posts. It was a fun-filled day, packed with activities for her.


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One response to “Egg Hunt 2011

  1. grandma

    I love all the posts and the photos are great! But what is LMAO? xoxo

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