Colored eggs?

The really fun thing about having a toddler is that they are so interactive. It seems like they hang on your every word, and even repeat them! They’re intensely interested in what you are doing, what you have to say, what you’re eating, drinking, playing. For these reasons, I knew that dying Easter eggs would be an activity that Madeleine would greatly enjoy – and enjoy she did!

First, I had her help me set up. I put the vinegar in each of the cups and had her put the little color tablet in each one. She was captivated watching the liquid change color. Once everything was ready, I let her put the eggs in different egg dye cups, which sometimes produced quite the splash. Ha! I, however, was in charge of pulling them out of the dye. Madeleine really thought it was cool to watch the eggs roll around in the dye and see what color they came out as. I even taught her to say “oooooooooooh” as each one was revealed. 😀

In this post, you will be graced with my presence in the photos, which is a rarity. Alex isn’t huge on picture taking (as in, physically taking the photos) so I am often the one behind the lens.


She wanted to touch it. 😀

Where'd it go??


Trying to get a good picture of the both of us, but she was more fascinated by the yellow egg. She does love yellow!

Finally! 🙂 She looked up.


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  1. Kelly

    Great job, Alex. Thanks for sharing these pictures of your lovely wife and daughter!

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