Puh-pee! Puh-pee!

It’s a fairly well known fact that Madeleine has never been to daycare. First because she didn’t need to go since I am home with her, and then she couldn’t go because of the chemo and her lack of immunity. Now that she’s all caught up on her shots, though, I have the option to drop her in daycare if I need to.

Those of you who know us well probably also know that Alex got a new job. One of the benefits of this job is a gym membership to a very nice local gym. I’ve never been a member of such a fancy place! So earlier this week we went in for our gym tour and signed up for a family membership. Where am I going with this? Well, the gym also has a daycare center. A pretty large one at that. And Madeleine fits right in the age group to be in the 12-24 month old room. YAY! She also seemed very interested in the kids and toys when we had our tour of the facility, so I was hoping she would adjust well.

The other night I went to the gym after M was in bed already, and Alex stayed home to be with her. But today I reserved a slot for her to go for about an hour and a half so I could work out, sit in the sauna for a bit and then shower and clean myself up. And she did fantastic!  In fact, she would hardly give me the time of day so I could kiss her goodbye. There were too many toys to play with and playmates to examine. Once I finally started to edge my way out of the room, a bit baffled by her lack of concern for what her mommy was doing, I saw her toddling over to a plastic puppy and she started saying “puh-pee! puh-pee!”. With that, I knew she was just fine and I slipped out of the room while giggling to myself.

All in all, it was a successful day at the gym. I got everything done that I wanted to do, Madeleine had a lot of fun, and we each had lunch in the bistro afterwards. I didn’t get any photos of her in the day care, but I did get this one after the drive home. She sure tired herself out!


And then, when I carried her upstairs and put her in bed, she stayed asleep. Poor thing! I’m taking her again tomorrow so I can attend a spinning class. 🙂

See? I wasn't kidding about her sleeping with her giant sock monkey.


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